A customized look and customized jeans with braces (suspenders).

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Till now we were talking about different kinds of topics and were looking for some good outfits which we can match up with the jeans. Different accessories, shirts, t-shirts and many more. Yesterday I went to a casual party I saw a guy wearing braces with jeans. And it was a really good idea to wear it with jeans.

I left for home, while driving I was just thinking about how to pair it up with different upper wears and sometimes casual and formal both. And I found something which you can say that “this look is specially made for me.”  Like I would like to share a few ideas which I’ve got.


You’re clearly wondering how to wear jeans suspenders. It’s fairly simple, actually. You don’t need to wear a button on your shirt or anything that’s comparatively dressy. All you need to do is throw a shirt and a black/dark blue pair of jeans and look as stylish as you can. Even more, fun if you rock a couple of new braces. I really enjoy this look because of how simple it is to take it off and how nice it looks. You can readily adjust the amount of formality by choosing shoes and shirts. But always make sure that you’re going with more leans on the informal side. 

Double denim and braces: 


It doesn’t matter who’s wearing it, the double denim look is always stunning but it looks like choco-chips in oreo shake when you wear it with the braces. But while choosing the double denim attire to go with the light shade of jeans and the dark shade of the shirt cause it looks more eye-catchy and selects a white-coloured brace which looks more attractive on it. 

 Braces with t-shirt and dirt jeans: 


A while ago dirt jeans were quite in the trend and still, it is, but somehow people don’t know how to wear it. So we cant see people out there with this kinda jeans out there. Dirt jeans could be a spicy option for casual party events. Coz, it could be more eye catchy when those lights and its effects will be there on your jeans. You can easily pair it up with the LIGHT-white or grey t-shirt it would be proved as a great choice while choosing the braces please consider the colour of your t-shirt. So it could be more visible to others. 

 Raw denim and braces:


 Raw denim could be a great option if you are going with the white shirt and a blazer. Cause, in the beginning, it doesn’t have that much amount of fades in it but it does contain shine and will really look good when you pair it up with the white shirts. and the blazer will hide the braces but you can get some cool photos while holding the blazer in your hand.  

Boater hat and bow tie: 


Let’s jump to the 20’s fashion find out a boater hat and a bow tie it will really look good and somehow it gives you a classy look of 20’s fashion. And try this look like the picture shown below.  

Try out these four looks which will obviously look good for a casual party or a dinner date with your bae. Or any kind of casual events. Try them out and please let us know how you been or how you looked!!!  Stay connected. 


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