You have came across this page means, you have searched for custom made jeans, and want to buy one or looking for services who make customised jeans for you. In that case you have reached to right place, We are tailored jeans and have wide experience in made to order & custom made jeans, so what are custom made about in the jeans we make?

What are custom made Jeans?

So right from beginning to finalising your order everything have set of options and selection process which makes us true custom made jeans company, In this process you are the main actor and define what you want, there has been many instances when you have went to store and looking for pair of jeans you want to buy but finding that some features you had in one pair is not fitting you right and the pair you found fitting properly do not have those features, or if you found everything right, but you don’t like the fabric.

And such problems are always there which makes difficult to select your jeans and make process hefty time consuming and exhausting, such big problem and you end up buying non satisfactory pair of jeans and compromise on your choices or you go to another store and start all over, but wait, we have solution.

Custo Jeans Rivet Fitting - Tall Men's Jeans

How?, Can you solve this problem for me? I mean can you get me pair of Jeans the way I want?

Of course YES, At we are truly making custom jeans since 2012 on Online platform, Having Workshop Based in Mumbai, We deliver custom jeans in United States of America, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia, Norway, Denmark, France, Italy, all over Europe, South America and every other place you can think of. You just have to pay for the basic cost of the jeans. We do not charge shipping on the jeans.

OK, How about quality of your custom made jeans?

Right, Quality of Jeans is our utmost USP, right from selection of fabric, our textile managers, chooses from best of the mills in World, which includes mills from India, Japan, America and Italy, Not only that, we sample the fabric before selecting and choose whatever is the best available with unique features and material having unique values, and as well as its historic roots for vintage brands, like Selvedge, Vintage Selvedge 3×1 twill crossfire weave, Vintage Raw Indigo Denim, Pure Organic Indigo , 90% of jeans today you wear are made of synthetic indigo, but we have some very rare collection which are made from 100% organic Indigo and have its premium value, also the yarns that are used from high standard cottons and maximum durability and premium quality.

Not only Fabric, the whole process of making jeans is standardised, every piece of jeans is hand crafted with our experienced masters and taken care of the small details , gives it perfect job for tailoring without running into any problems, each jeans is hand crafted on pattern block, first made on paper roll, to make sure it goes perfect when it gets crafted on actual fabric,

after that our experience tailors stitch them with different different machines, and then once jeans is stitched, our QA team checks everything and pass it for post production process, that is washing, we have special process for washing for jeans, its washed in industrial grade machines with chemical washes, stone washes and several process of wash is done, depending on the fabric is chosen. After wash process, our QA team again checks the jeans for final out put of measurements, and confirm everything, once done, it gets ready for shipping.

Custom Big Men Jeans - Comfort Fit for Men

How do I get to choose for options for customising my jeans?

You start with our website’s ordering section, Choose if you want to order for Men or Women, on first Phase, You choose from Fabric, depending on your preference of weight of denim, color and texture, you select the fabric, and move to next phase.

Selecting Rise for your jeans, which is if you want High Rise, Mid Rise or Low Waist jeans.

After Selecting Rise, you will be given options to select fit, we provide various fit options, Comfort Fit, Slim Fit, Skinny Fit, Boot Cut, Straight Fit, Slim Straight fit, Relaxed Fit, Wide Leg (Women only), Flair Jeans(Women only)

Once you Select the Fit Preference, You get to choose Loop, Waist Button (single or double), then Fly (Zipper fly or Button Fly), Front Pocket style with different coin pocket options
and then Back Pocket Options,

After those, selection you can add Whiskers, or Ripped – Damage – Distress or combination or leave it plain

Once all finalised you get to move on next step, Where we take your size and measurements,

Your Weight, Height, and Body or Garment Measurements, we take every possible measurements needed to make your jeans, also we ask for your photos wearing your best fitted jeans front and side pose, to understand your body physics, as you are unique so shall be your jeans too, and hence sometime we have to eyeball certain things, like having wider croatch, or thigh adjustment depending on your body type, so that jeans we make for you fits you perfectly,

How do I get to know status of my order once it is placed?

After you place the order, in couple of days we confirm the measurements and if found any abnormalities or discrepancies, we contact you via email for confirmation, and we communicate and fix the gaps, and adjust to final modified measurements and freeze that with your order after confirmation, if everything is alright, we push your order in queue,

Everything happens in queue and it takes 12-14 days to get your jeans ready for wash, after that it is sent to wash and 3-5 days depending on your preferences, process is followed in wash , whiskers and distress or damaging, once everything is in order around 21 days your jeans is ready for shipping and shipped via FedEx, if any exceptions are there, we communicate and confirm the same with you.

Ok, how about after sale service?

We have straight forward policy, customer needs to get satisfactory result, some time it happens that we made mistake, or sometime it happens customer made mistake, in both the cases we try to find optimum solution, which involves series of communication, as jeans are tends to shrink and also expand with certain method, so when tolerance is under 1 to 1.5 inches we advice to perform that steps, if it is material issue or something which is not acceptable at all, we provide Free Remake, which is under our Fit Guarantee commitment, and even if its your mistake, we do not want you to suffer from having unwearable pair of jeans, in such cases we go out of box and provide free remake, most of the time problem can be solved by small hacks, and we insist on performing those hacks, which are not requiring much efforts, or skills, but when problem is beyond those parameter, we do not overlook, and provide resolution. We are best in what we do, hence such cases are rare, and from our experience we have observed,  if you have taken the measurements as per our guidelines, there would not be any scope of errors in our custom made jeans.

What If I don’t like the jeans you sent?

Sorry to hear that, but in that case we cannot do much about it, as we provide Guarantee on fit, we can not do much on your disliking the jeans, unless its not fitting you well based on your preference selection. If you are not liking because of the fitting issue, you are covered under our Fit Guarantee, and after performing routine process, we approve the remake, if your problem is not solved in the process.



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