Denim is a man’s best friend and we know that. Whenever in doubt you’d grab a pair of denim with a neat shirt and set on your journey. However, to get that amazing style of your favorite singer that either you’ve always admired or your special one drools over, getting the best brand won’t help but getting the perfect fit definitely will. Hence, here we are with some hacks to give you your desired rockstar look.

Standing in front of your closet each morning wondering what to put on and not knowing what to, can be the most disappointing thing. Your days may either begin with you having to go to the university or at work. So let’s get the best outfit for you that makes you look more studly and attractive.

The First Outfit – Pick out your regular-fit black denim and a clean black t-shirt. Tuck the t-shirt into your denim and put on your favorite black jacket. Grab your neatly polished black shoes and put on some metallic accessories, your wrist bands and a locket around your neck to enhance the look with your shades. Here’s your first pop star look, the one like Ed Sheeran.



The Second Outfit – Grab your straight-fit black denim and a grey t-shirt which flaunts your features wonderfully. Put on the black leather or denim jacket or black shirt with a grey full-sleeve cardigan. You can put on your black boots or your laced-shoes or sneakers getting you the perfect Backstreet Boy look.


The Third Outfit – Get customized jeans with the made to order denim from tailored-jeans, based on the measurements and style provided by you. Get skinny-fit jeans with whiskers that cling perfectly to your body, accessories it with a belt and put on a neatly pressed black shirt or a full-sleeve round neck or polo neck t-shirt. You may either fold-on the sleeves of your shirt and jeans from the bottom to don the stylish, comfortable and casual look like Enrique Iglesias.

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL – APRIL 5: Enrique Iglesias performs live on stage at Espaco das Americas on April 5, 2018 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


With these 3 outfits you can try all sorts of combinations for yourself and get the perfect look for that special evening, a party or a casual hangout with friends. Be sure to get the eyes glued to you with all these looks and give your flawless body earned after workouts the pampering it deserves.


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