What is the difference between denim and jeans?

Numerous people use the words denim jeans together while shopping or conversation. Globally, most of the time, the word denim is used replacebly with jeans in such a manner that people refer to jeans as denim! Although the words mean different things and give significance to respective stuff. In this blog we will rectify these terms and inform our valuable readers.

Jeans is the most popular in apparels list and accepted by all classes of people, age and gender. Since 140 years, there has been a tremendous revolution in types, styles, production, and sale of jeans. Currently, there is an option of customized jeans which you can order according to your preference, style, colour and various other factors. Jeans have a universal appeal and a tough image worldwide. There are several local & international brands who have developed reputed names and simultaneously given employment in different parts of the world!.

Denim is the name of the fabric which is used to make jeans and other attires. It is a fabric made of cotton twill that is one hundred percent cotton and very comfortable. This fabric is used all over the world to make jackets, hoodies, shirts, jeans, purses and handbags. Nevertheless, the jeans have given denim fabric an identity and integrity.

The factors which differentiates denim from jeans are:
Denim is the fabric whereas jeans is the trouser that is made of denim cloth
All jeans are denim, but not all denims are jeans!
Denim is a fashion fabric used to make many things, whereas jeans is just one of the garments made from denim.

Apart from denim, dungaree cloth is also popularly used to manufacture jeans. The word is possibly derived from Dongri, a dockside village near Mumbai. Fashion jeans depend mostly on a blend of lycra and cotton to make stretchable jeans. Jeans manufacturers have also started to use tencel, a cotton blended fabric to produce jeans.

Finally we conclude that denim isn’t jeans but jeans made from denim fabric is denim jeans. Secondly we can use the term jeans while shopping or during discussion, it is really not necessary to add denim to it.

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