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With these GIFs and directions, you may have no problems regarding the submission of your measurements. Do keep in mind to provide accurate measurements to get Perfect Fit. If you have specific requirements for how you would like the cut of your jeans, indicate it later in the ordering process.

To get a suitable fitting, Try to measure as appropriate as possible without excessive cloth. Leggings for ladies and thin gym shorts for men work well for these measurements.

How to take your Body Measurements?


First, Tie a ribbon, string, etc. to keep it as a reference point around your waist (where you want your jeans to sit) and note the measured size.


Measure the circumference at the place where you will actually wear your jeans. Your waist measurement will be the entire circumference of the area where your jeans will rest. While measuring, position the measuring tape near the body without tightening to get a perfect waist fitting.


Go back to your reference point (the ribbon/string tied around your waist) and measure the Rise from there of your jeans. Measure the Rise of your jeans from the height of the given waist region. Theoretically, this is used as a reference for the fabric length used for the front button of the jeans to the seamed area in the lower front center.


Now, extend that rise measurement to get your total rise, in which you measure from the top front center of the jeans, between your legs, to the back center (where the ribbon lies). Altogether, the total rise measurement is used as the reference for the fabric length used for the front center of your jeans to the back center of your jeans.


Now, from the side of the reference string, measure the length from the point to the floor. This will consist of your side measurements from the top of the jeans to the bottom. In order to get that accurate measurement, step on your measuring tape on the side (make sure measuring tape is straight), let’s check the exact measurements that you have stepped on.


Measure around the fullest part of your hips by positioning the tape around the hip. Measure perfect to the body without tightening.


Following, measure the circumference widest part of your thigh, which is at the top of the leg that connects to the crotch area.


Measure the circumference of your upper area of the knee, or knee line at the widest point of the knee (If your knee is wide then your lower Thigh) by placing the tape measure close to the body without tightening.


Measure the circumference of your calf line at the widest point of the calf by placing the tape measure close to your calf without tightening.


Measure the circumference of your ankle line by placing the tape measure perfectly on your ankle without tightening