Why are jeans so popular in all cultures?

| Prashant Pandey |

Since 150+ years denim jeans have been part of human life. It is predominant all across the seven continents. They are accepted by people irrespective of ethnicity, caste, creed, money, status. It can surely be the status of unity!. The lower wear apparel is incomplete without iconic denim jeans. Not to be astonished there are 1000+ brands globally and lakhs of local brands. We really don’t know who might be thinking and trying to make their career in the jeans sector!

The sturdy and durable outfit is available online and offline with numerous sizes, designs, patterns, colours, styles. The primary reason for their acceptance in society is no doubt their robust and alluring looks!. The afterlife of jeans is very pleasant since it becomes soft with consistent wear and it looks marvelous as it ages! So you can relate better more closely with aged whisky and same like old jeans.

Psychologists argue that jeans indicate informality and relaxed behavior which opens up the door of interpersonal communication. Who will deny healthy communication? After world-war II, denim trousers became a hot selling item in professional American class as they were affordable and used to be taken as a symbol of democratization.

Age is indeed a number to wear jeans. It is the most preferred option in casual wears. Any upper wear just goes impeccable with the right pair of jeans. I believe i listed a few important reasons why jeans are accepted globally! Let me know below, if you highlight a key aspect….

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