A jeans for petite women.

If you have legs on petite’s shorter side and you’re struggling to find skinny jeans that don’t stack in the knees or a pair you don’t need to hem, it’s a dream come true. In fact, you might think that magic powers reigned on you that day as it is a wonder that you found a pair, but I’m going to teach you how to be clever when it comes to finding skinny jeans for short legs.

Over the past couple of years, one of the best things about skinny jeans taking over the denim industry was their evolution. I remember the old days when you couldn’t find an inseam shorter than 32′′ on a slim and the skinniest you could get was a 12′′ leg gap (which was hardly skinny), it was a nightmare for someone like me with shorter legs, but as times have changed, skinny jeans cuts have developed and it’s certainly for us shorter people! So, here are some ideas I’ve put together for you to find the perfect skinny jeans straight out of the rack! 

Choosing ankle skinny jeans or ankle peg jeans is an incredibly wise choice because it removes the need for hemming, the ankles are not stacked and the jeans match very well from off! One of the best things though is the number of options right now, The rising denim brand has a skinny ankle crop in its range and that means we’re running the mill! Generally, the inseams on skinny ankle jeans are around 27 to 29 inches long, which is much better than the usual 32 to 34-inch thighs!


If for some of you ladies who are even smaller, the length is still too long, I recommend trying out a pair of real cropped jeans. Most cropped jeans tend to run at a length of around 25/26 inches, so this might be perfect for you. These are a minor drawback, however, as they only come around during the Spring / Summer seasons, but there is no risk in stocking them up for Winter! Below are some great possibilities for skinny ankle jeans.


Bootcut jeans:

The short women’s jean style is the cut of the pair. Although this one also looks great on all styles of body, the most gain from this model will be apple and hourglass shapes.

On the boot-cut jeans, the somewhat expansive leg matches the rounded upper body in an apple shape. On an hourglass shape, it will highlight the tiny waist and curvy hips. Dark-wash boot-cut jeans will reduce the bottom half, helping to bring your eyes up to the top half.

Small ladies should choose boot-cut jeans that are at the right length because anything too short would make your legs look wider and you will drown anything too long.