Acid wash vs stonewash in denim jeans

| Verna Bradford |

Denim jeans are available in numerous styles, patterns and styles. The wash of jeans plays a significant role in the color and style of jeans. The stone wash jeans and acid wash jeans are distressed jeans, just the way in which they are distressed differ. Let us understand below more about both the jeans washes.

Stone wash jeans are distressed using stones. The jeans are placed inside the rotating drum along with many stones.The exterior of jeans are beaten by stones which distresses them. Acid wash jeans are distressed using an acidic solution. The jeans are washed in an acidic solution. The acid here will break down the dye within the jeans dye which will cause them to fade. The primary difference between stone wash and acid wash is that the jeans are the former distressed whereas the latter are chemically distressed.

 Now, you might be thinking which kind of wash is good and suitable to buy. No doubt, today there are high quality stone wash and acid wash jeans. In case of stone wash jeans, they are physically distressed with stones so the longer you wear the more it will be distressed. On the counter, acid wash jeans look more faded after distressing them.

  In both washes, jeans are available in different quality, patterns, styles, fit, color. Here, your personal preference will matter whether you like more distressed or faded jeans. I hope you might get to know some key differences between stone wash and acid wash jeans.


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