Another decades with new jeans fades.

In the last blog we’ve seen the jeans trends till the 90s today we will see that which kinda jeans came out after these incredible years.

In 1991: 

It’s really hard not to think about the 90’s and picture overalls. Overalls were around before the ’90s but this decade is when they really gained steam.  Ater overalls in 1992 and 1993 the simple, straight leg jeans were all the rage in 90’s jeans weren’t too crazy the most popular style was a straight leg, slightly stuff jeans in a medium wash. Denim also saw a slight decline in sales around this time.  The low rise jeans were on hold at that time. At the end of that decade the medium wash, classic jeans became a huge trend. With the help of the Britney spears the jeans got popularized and these medium wash jeans that had a tiny bit of flair at the end of the leg. 

In the 2000s:

If we talk about this era than many more things got invented in jeans and one of them is lace-up jeans . it was a kinda new thing. blinged out embellishments changed to lace-up embellishment as the months went on. one brand, in particular, Mudd, made some popular options. Jeans that laced up at the fly, down, the sides of the legs, or even upfront. 

Later on, in 2003 the super low-rise flares came back to the style it was almost a  bell-bottom kinda era but not quite. 

In 2005:

Capri pants came back in the year of 2005 the capri pants made a comeback. Back in the 60s cropped pants known as capris were in style. In the early 200s, they came back in denim form, in all different kinds of wash. By 2006 the ombre jeans became more popular . it had a lighter wash in the middle of the leg, then darker at the bottom, supposedly to make your legs look longer. It gave almost an ombre effect.  Then lately in 2008 the colors and the patterns in the jeans came into the existence it became snakeskin to gray. jeans were anything but boring. 


In 2009:


By 2009 it was the only matter of time before jeans decreased in popularity after having an epi few years and around 2009, jeggings took their place. They were still technically jeans , but they were so stretchy that they could almost feel like leggings.


In 2010:

Boyfriend jeans made their move remember the boxy jeans from the 60s that were once were in a style? they sort of came back in the form of boyfriend jeans, which were loose fitting, cuffed, and usually destroyed in some way.  


In 2011:

In 2011 is was either loose boyfriend jeans or tight skinny jeans, preferably in a dark wash. This was especially true after kate Middleton was spotted in a pair.  And by 2013 the patchwork on denim spotted. And not gonna lie it was really more creative idea then other designs.


will check about other 9 years of denim industries in an upcoming blog.

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