How to wear boyfriend jeans this autumn.

| Verna Bradford | ,

You might have heard that every girls are getting crazy for boyfriend jeans these days. What’s boyfriend jeans? Well, it’s just the opposite of skinny jeans. It is wider the thighs and gets thinner towards the ankle. I’ve shown you the look. It is not what you’ve borrowed from your boyfriend.

But it looks likes you borrowed it cause it’s loose and comfy. This trend is very strong and all the fashionistas from around the world love it. These days, boyfriend jeans are trendy. It has become a major part of every woman’s wardrobe of casual outfits.

Boyfriend jeans are too easy to style up you don’t have to put so much efforts to make it look great. You can easily wear it with sandals, sneakers, wedges and ankle boots. Ripped and distressed jeans are in trend these days. If it’s not that much ripped so you can wear it in the formal function too. But especially you can wear it at the parties, college and sports function. Coz these come in the categories of the funky.  And the boyfriend jeans are the most preferred nowadays you can find in the girly outfit.

Boyfriend jeans with the sweaters

Suppose if you are invited by your crush for the morning coffee. So, I got you an outfit for the morning in this fall season. You should pair it up with the loose sweaters and the reason behind wearing this is the loose sweaters or oversized sweaters can give you a comfy feeling and make you look adorable. If you are choosing vibrant colours for the sweater then it could be a great option or a plus point.

Boyfriend jeans for formal look

The most preferred jeans are allowed in some corporates on weekend working hours. So you can wear the one which is not distressed aor any kinda ripped and you can wear it. You can pair it up with the t-shirt and also put on an overcoat on it. Make a single cuff role from the bottom of the jeans. And wear a heels or a sandles for a footwears. 

Boyfriend jeans paired with flannels: 

Ever tried a jeans and flannel together. It is an explosive combination. Just imagine that wearing a simple boyfriend jeans but a flannel can be a good choice. Pair it up with the t-shirt and   tie that flannel around your waist. Try to wear a floppy hat. Wearing boyfriend jeans is common but wearing them with the unique idea is a bomb. 


Boyfriend jeans with a woollen jacket:  

A woollen jacket is the most comfy option in the morning of fall [autumn]. You can wear a normal boyfriend jeans with a different kind of woollen jackets. When you are pairing it up with the normal t-shirt at that time don’t forget to wear a woollen jacket coz, this good be a good option for you. And feel the fall breeze on your face.   

The old bershka:

If you are one of the women who think that every dress requires to be in an ideal colour combination then this costume concept is ideal for you. The concept for this wardrobe is for classic blue partner jeans and then wear a simple cropped top over the jeans if your neck region is noticeable then wear a nice patterned jacket to suit the top and jeans. You can go for white colour when it comes to clothes and bags or you can carry them in the same shape as you are teeing.