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  1. You'll get compliments on a variety of looks with your denim jacket

    You'll get compliments on a variety of looks with your denim jacket

    Putting on a denim jacket can be tricky, so most girls search for tips. Since denim jackets have been in style for more than a year now, they will continue to be in fashion for at least for the coming few years. But, as an old classic, this lightweight jacket has been around for ages. There is no season when...
  2. Bollywood actresses who look hot in denim outfits!

    Bollywood actresses who look hot in denim outfits!

    Bollywood towns are always in the limelight due to gossip and outfits. Let us checkout some perfect outfits worn by B-town girls. The simple pink blazer with denim jeans just makes ash look more pretty and beautiful. Kangana knows better way to tuck in her shirt with denim outfit Nushrat knows well how to pose in denim for snaps! Yami...
  3. Simply Miley!

    Simply Miley!

    American singer-songwriter, actress, record producer, philanthropist, and everyone's childhood crush and inspiration portrayed as Hannah Montana by the daughter of country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus none other than destiny hope aka Miley Cyrus who was born with supraventricular tachycardia, a condition causing an abnormal resting heart rate. Her parents used to call her "Smiley", which they later shortened to...
  4. This is what COVID 19 did to the fashion Industry!

    This is what COVID 19 did to the fashion Industry!

    Due to the sudden emergence of the corona pandemic, governments have taken all the necessary steps to cut down the spread of the viruses, such as strict curfews and neighborhood quarantine which is the need of our country today. Citizens are dispirited from leaving their homes. This Covid-19 situation gave rise to work-from-systems for the health and hygiene of their...
  5. Reusing Old Jeans in Several Ways!

    Reusing Old Jeans in Several Ways!

    Yes, you heard it right You can use your old denim in several different ways and make the best out of scratch, they can be reused to make some amazing DIY products. For that matter, if you have a pair of baggy jeans which are no longer to be used further; you can repurpose them by simply turning them into...
  6. The most comfortable jeans!

    The most comfortable jeans!

    When I turn on the television I always see flawless, beautiful and handsome models in Apparel and outfits commercials. Honestly, i am an above average weight guy and I am happy about it, but still i believe fitness should be part of life and we should attempt our best..Anyways, i wonder have you ever noticed in TV commercials where the...


    The name says it all!. Yoga jeans are a combination of comfy jeans and stretch yoga pants. The 3% elastane blended in cotton makes impeccable yoga jeans. The stylish outfit solves your purpose with more ease. You really don’t need to worry about style and workout with yoga jeans. The Canadian made outfit is really marvelous and is pleasing to...
  8. All about lion ripped jeans!

    All about lion ripped jeans!

    There are an end number of designs and exceptional styles and patterns. Ripped jeans enjoy an upper hand in today's period. Today we will talk about not torn, ripped but lion ripped jeans!. This may sound weird to most of you and related to this with the king of the jungle. Your assumption is in the right direction. This jeans...


    Denim Jeans have their elegance in the fashion world. Be it a lower class individual to top business tycoon, denim jeans will be part of their collection list. We have a very prominent businessman instance and a billionaire soul, Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg is a renowned personality in the globe. As per the Forbes list, he is the 8th richest...
  10. How style up your 2020 with denim.[ Tips and tricks.]

    How style up your 2020 with denim.[ Tips and tricks.]

    Happy new year lovelies!!!! In today's scholastic world who doesn't wanna look good. But basically, we do the mistake of wearing what their friends are wearing. Just to get fit in the group. But that doesn't make sense. I got the list of the top 5 outfits that you can wear at college. There are set of the outfit in your closet that you've never tried or maybe you don't have them. So don't worry if you don't have them, cause you don't have to spend that much 1000 bucks on them. Cause just a good amount of knowledge that how you gonna wear it. So it can make out in envy of all your friends. Continue reading →

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