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  1. How jeans got  weird before she adored it.

    How jeans got weird before she adored it.

    It's hard to imagine how better to wear jeans than Rihanna could be a person. While the pop star is virtually celebrated in fashion circles for the endless variety of her wardrobe, one item she almost always dresses herself in is denim. Her collection contains any possible permutation of pants, But it also includes denim jackets, denim dresses, denim shorts, denim skirts, denim thigh-high boots, and a carpet-dusting denim train on at least one occasion. Continue reading →
  2. Jeans that gonna slay your 2020.

    Jeans that gonna slay your 2020.

    The new decade has been started so what do you think, Should we say goodbye to our old trends or we should update few looks. Don’t worry there's no replacement for the old looks so we should be just updating our old looks. In a new seasonal style, good quality denim has the power to transform and revitalize a closet that is otherwise lackluster. When combined with good denim, well-worn knits become sartorial classics, and do - or-dare daywear becomes the party tops of the last season. But which styles this year are expected to be big? Read on to know the five main silhouettes But what styles this year are expected to be big? Read more about the five main silhouettes Continue reading →
  3. How style up your 2020 with denim.[ Tips and tricks.]

    How style up your 2020 with denim.[ Tips and tricks.]

    Happy new year lovelies!!!! In today's scholastic world who doesn't wanna look good. But basically, we do the mistake of wearing what their friends are wearing. Just to get fit in the group. But that doesn't make sense. I got the list of the top 5 outfits that you can wear at college. There are set of the outfit in your closet that you've never tried or maybe you don't have them. So don't worry if you don't have them, cause you don't have to spend that much 1000 bucks on them. Cause just a good amount of knowledge that how you gonna wear it. So it can make out in envy of all your friends. Continue reading →
  4. Does your wardrobe have these all-time stunning customized jeans?

    Does your wardrobe have these all-time stunning customized jeans?

    There are many ways to customize jeans. Even the number of sites that are doing this. But do you have any special jeans, for which you have customized and you have to wait for any occasion or time to wear it? Here on tailored jeans, we customize jeans as per your specifications. And the way we design those jeans that you can wear it at your office and on your date night also. cause we do understand your standards.   Continue reading →
  5. How to get your self a comfy Jeans for this winter.

    How to get your self a comfy Jeans for this winter.

    The winter has come. Somewhere you can see the white snowy road, somewhere it’s just a cool temperature with the few hours of sunlight.  The season will change ut ou love for jeans won’t. We won’t stop including denim in ou outfits. But for slaying this winter you gotta choose perfect jeans.  In today’s blog, we will tell you how to get proper jeans and lay the entire winter.  Continue reading →
  6. How to get yourself a perfect denim.

    How to get yourself a perfect denim.

    There are a lot of people whom I've met said that “I look messy because of my weight.” but in real terms, weight doesn't matter at all. You can still slay if you have a good dressing sense. For that you gotta heck a perfect and proper fitting, good color hues, and a well-chosen clothing item. But in today’s blog, we gonna see a few ideas on how to buy proper jeans for yourself. And if you are regarding our tips I bet you won’t regret it and your shopping nightmare will become a pleasure. Continue reading →
  7. Reasons to avoid skinny jeans.

    Reasons to avoid skinny jeans.

    You're slipping on some shorts. Lying down, lying down... WIGGLING (like a weird ceremonial dance) your way towards them. Does it sound painful or enjoyable? It's what you get when you wear skinny jeans. They're called "skinny" for a reason. The fabric is narrow— almost like pantyhose! We are awkward with the butt. Continue reading →
  8. A jeans for petite women.

    A jeans for petite women.

    If you have legs on petite's shorter side and you're struggling to find skinny jeans that don't stack in the knees or a pair you don't need to hem, it's a dream come true. In fact, you might think that magic powers reigned on you that day as it is a wonder that you found a pair, but I'm going to teach you how to be clever when it comes to finding skinny jeans for short legs. Continue reading →
  9. How to get your jeans shirked?  Learn with Tailored jeans.

    How to get your jeans shirked? Learn with Tailored jeans.

    We all have at least one pair of jeans we love, but our hearts are broken because they have grown out and become too baggy. Personally, I find that this happens to cheaper jeans all the time, like those you buy from ASOS, Topshop, River Island, etc., they match, to begin with, then stretch out and get saggy after a few wears. But what you can do to can your jeans? You've probably looked for advice online and looking for tips that everyone else is offering, I was shocked by the fact that everyone said they're either boiling or washing them warm and they're going to shrink. Let me describe some tips and tricks about this and why it depends entirely on the pants, the denim stretch, and why it's not healthy for them all. Continue reading →
  10. The button fly Jeans.

    The button fly Jeans.

    At some point in the past couple of years, every man has found himself wondering at moments of fumbling, sausage-fingered desperation: Who was a good idea the hell decided button fly jeans and where all the zippers have gone?  Continue reading →

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