Types of Denim fabric available in 2024

There are many kinds of denim are available, and most used denim from 18th century to this date is 3×1 weave with indigo dyed, today’s denim is 80% consist of 3×1 and variation built on that around 3×1 weave Denim, let us see what kind of denim fabrics are available around us.

1. 100% cotton Denim

This is normal denim, it can be used in different ways to create denim. This denim is long-lasting and durable.

2. Sanforized Denim

This denim fabric is processed so that it’ll not shrink after washing. Most of the denim other than raw denim is Sanforized.

3. Colored Denim

Colorful jeans in a jeans shop
Colored types of denim are of two types blue and all other colors. The blue color or other with the same shades goes under the indigo dyeing process. Other colors like Black, pink, grey, mustard, green, red, etc are done with Sulfur dying.

4. Stretch Denim

It is also called bubble-gum denim. This denim is made with stretchy synthetic fiber like Lycra spandex which helps it to stretch. The stretch of the fabric will depend on the percentage of elastic in it.

5. Selvedge Denim

These Denim fabrics have edges that are finished with a band with orange or red color. It is also called self-edge or selvage denim. This denim is assumed to be of better quality than other denim. Japan is the top producer of this denim fabric.

6. Crushed Denim

This Denim fabric is weaved and crushed intentionally so that it will get crushed and wrinkled. This design is normally famous among youngsters.

7. Waxed reverse Denim

This denim fabric has a coating of wax on the reverse side for water resistance. It is mostly used to make outdoor gear and bags.

8. Acid wash Denim

This is also called marble denim. It is finished in denim fabric using pumice stone soaked in chlorine. The color of the fabric fades as a result of abrasion with the stones and creates an attractive contrast with the indigo color. The fabric is then rinsed, softened and dried and you can also get this effect at the home.

9. Vintage denim:

This denim is used to give it an old and worn look, a heavy stone wash or a cellulose enzyme wash with bleach or without bleach is called vintage denim

10. Poly Denim

This Denim Fabric has some amount of polyester fabric in it. This fabric is very soft to touch, very easy to care for and stretches to an extent; it is mostly used in making jackets, shirts, and hats. The polyester adds durability smoothness and finishes to the denim fabric

11. Ecru Denim

This type of denim is natural in color and it does not require the indigo dyeing process to manufacture.

12. Bull Denim

This is a denim fabric that is very sturdy and tough because of its 3*1 twill construction. It is very tough and heavy but not as tough as a canvas. Bull denim is used mostly for upholstery and home decor rather.

13. Thermo denim

Thermo denim is also called double denim. This denim fabric has lightweight fabric glued to the denim. With this process, the denim looks like it’s lined.

Different fabric depends upon different denim styles and all this fabric uses a different process. It all depends on the ongoing trend of which style is demanded by the buyers. Many seasons will come and go but denim fever will remain the same on the people.

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