Top crops[crop top] to try out with jeans:

Are you wondering about the beautiful tops to wear with the jeans? Crop tops have been an enormous trend since they returned to power in the 1980s. This stylish piece is a must-have for every occasion you can think of. Crop tops are chic, classy and seductive, all at the same moment that they are styled in the correct way. Contrary to what many might believe, crop tops and high waisted jeans are one of the most versatile items you can wear.

You can couple them with a high waisted jeans outfit, skirts, pants, or even a dress. No matter what the shape of your body, crop tops will be the saving grace of your summer wardrobe if you let them down. For those who hesitate to wear crop top dresses with high waisted jeans, and also for those who need the recent thoughts for wearing them, we’re here to fix all your problems. Let’s take a look at how to wear a crop top dresses with high waisted jeans with different style choices.

High waisted jeans with blazer and crop top:

For all those who like to wear crop tops but are skeptical about displaying too much skin, all you need to do is layer them with your favourite official or casual blazer. Make your crop top and high waisted jeans outfit interesting by placing a blazer over the top of your stylish crop.

Flare and high waisted jeans with crop top:

Instead of wearing your crop top with slim or body-hugging jeans, attempt to pair them with your cute top and high waisted jeans or pants that are flared. You can choose a blue couple of heavy jeans or black jeans. Wear blue flared jeans with a flared top to make your ensemble look even more exciting.

A crop-top with buttoned shirt:


As of all the ways to wear a crop top, this choice is one of our favourites. Peeking under the long-sleeved top of the crop, the look is both completely unexpected and super sleek. Crop tops look sweet over a tank, a shirt, a t-shirt, even a crisp, white button-down blouse.

Crop top and denim jacket:

You can pair your crop top with high waisted jeans and put a denim jacket on top of it. This style is a trans-seasonal style, and we completely enjoy it. This allows you to stay warm and cosy during the winters and also enables you to look stylish during the summers.

Crop top with cozy sweater:

A nice crop top sweater and jeans outfit is ideal for winter wear! For a casual yet chic look, team up your crop top with a baggy or high waisted jeans girlfriend and wear a sweater or jumper over it. Put a twist on your classic sweater look with a crop top that keeps you warm, whatever the length of your hem.

All black twist:

You can choose black crop tops with high waist jeans in black. You can choose a boyfriend denim, thin jeans, straight fit or any sort of high waisted jeans outfit you like in black. Also, couple it with black heels or, if you’re more of a colorful individual, couple it with bright heels. This look is going to give you a slimmer illusion and make you look totally ready and classy.

Crop tops for school-unsuitable? Well, not really, really. The truth is, you don’t have to bare it all in order to rock this piece! Crop tops and high waisted jeans can be professional and suitable. It all relies on how you style it. So how do you wear high waist jeans with crop tops? For college girls, the crop tops can be worn with baggy, torn high waisted jeans and a leather pouch. Pair these pieces with black leather shoes and chunky accessories. Perhaps the most intuitive way to tone down the crop tops for high waisted jeans for college is to cover it with your go-to sweater or jacket.

If you’re not into layering, the simplest way to modestly wear a crop top is to pair it with a high waisted couple. So, this was our list of styling crop tops and high waisted jeans. But this isn’t it! There’s so much more you can do, depending on your style, taste, and occasion. Let us know if you have any more thoughts about how to style them.


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