| Patrick Peterson |

There are numerous patterns of jeans available in the market. Elegance and vogue is defined after wearing the impeccable fit. We all know the utmost comfort is when the attire adapts to our body. But sometimes, this fit may be the cause of trouble too. Here, we are considering the instance of skinny fit jeans.

Skinny jeans are jeans that contour to the shape of the person’s body, with a tighter fit than regular fit and other patterns. They actually sculpt your body shape and are tighter around your hips, legs and calf. Skinny jeans are always on trend and top of the list due to their high demand by both sexes.. Let us checkout now whether it is for you or not.

1. Who wears – If you ever noticed or observed in your surroundings or during travelling, 90% of skinny jeans are attired by young boys and girls. This is the age when we are not prone to severe diseases and do physical activities. The teens and youth who are overweight or have a fear of body shaming will almost think thrice before buying skinny jeans. Also unhealthy or fat people will not be able to carry themselves in skinny fit jeans.

2. Comfort- We take trials before buying jeans in physical stores or might return if not satisfied via online shopping. The ease and comfort of clothing is the most desirable wish after you shop. If we ourselves are getting restricted from body movements, mobility or discomfort after we sit or deal with those red ridge lines on our waist.. I am sure you would never wear such jeans even though it costs $200

3. Denim jeans collection- Fashion industry is highly unpredictable and volatile. In case of denim jeans, for both the genders we have several patterns and styles. The kinds can be Straight leg, Tapered, Boot cut, Flared, Baggy jeans, etc. I am sure nobody would just always buy skinny fit perpetually. Who will love their wardrobe with one type and style?

4. Duration- In a day, everybody is scheduled and has different regimes. For a young individual, there are several activities to do. Will you manage all in skinny jeans? Now for working employees, who love skinny fits. Weekends can be skinny! But I don’t believe in weekdays when you need to obey your boss, formal meetings or business meetups. Imagine you enter your corporate or commercial offices in skinny fit!. I will not deny, there are allowances for wearing casuals in some offices, but even so; here work is worship. So, skinny jeans are worned according to preference and situation.

5. Sickness- The illness which can begin or deteriorate your ongoing sickness are related to groins, bladder, poor blood circulation, back pain, nerve damage. abdominal pain,infections, heat up private parts. The passage between the jeans and skin is almost cipher which sometimes even restricts your movements and difficulties. Mostly trouble related to the lower body can be listed here. Now, this is revealed by top medical researchers and doctors and we can’t just ignore.

So, If you really ask me in the end whether to wear out or not? I would say “yes” keeping in mind the above 5 factors strictly. Too much surplus of anything is bad in life. I hope you are the best judge and decide after keeping in mind the above 5 factors.

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