What is raw denim?

Raw denim means the denim which is as dry or unwashed and this kind of denim didn’t meet or been through any washing. It comes straight off from the loom and is cut and sewn into custom jeans and you bought it. It is hardened with a deep blue color and has a typical sheen.

Raw denim allows the wearer to personalise the pants for his/her unique shape, with groove and fade on forming to his/her body type.

Difference between the distressed and raw denim jeans:

The pre-distressed denim is denim that someone has already faded them out for you the way you buy them and it looks like that you are the one that broke them in. On another hand, in raw denim, you are the actual one whos breaking it raw denim is soo personalized so as per your shape it will get shaped and gonna get those fades and the whiskers. And it takes the time to get faded or getting whisker on it.



The reason behind the time passes and denim fades away with it that its dyed with the pigment dyed indigo.pigment-dye is a bit confusing given that the pigment acts more like fabric paint than a traditional dye And that means its not socked into the fiber but it stays on top of it.so that’s why raw denim color breaks out with the time and it gets converted in the coo fades and the patterns.


In fades, you get whiskers which starts chopping right on the front at your higher thigh area. And another place is very common where you’ll get the denim is the whiskers behind[otherside]  your kneecap. That whisker looks like the honeycomb.


Swatch and Selvedge denim:

Swatch is the more modern piece of denim. And selvedge denim is the piece of denim that has an amazing edge. swatch denim piece has produced the the new aster loom technologies so that it does not have that clean edge.  So in the selvadge piece, there is a cool visual denim edge. The selvedge denim is made on the shuttle loom and it has a narrower fabric.

How to take care of the RAW denim:


Fill a bathtub with enough water to swamp the denim totally in it .Temperature isn’t overly important as some say you’ll lose les amount of  indigo with a cold soaking process, but if its a quality pair of custom jeans it shouldn’t matter. We’d suggeest you to use warm water.


After soaking it let it dry for the few hrs. Try to use an air dryer on it.

Stretch it out:

While the jeans are still a little damp, you should put the jeans on. The denim is easier to stretch when it’s little moistured. It’ll probably feel distressing tight at first, but they should fit perfectly soon.

Dont wash it later on just spill it and let it dry.

So this is the thing about denim and I hope that through this you would know how to take care of raw denim.

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