Ever Wondered how some people looks cool and stylish by wearing simple denim clothes and you always wonder how's that possible, you are on right page, we will tell you the secret of all the extreme cool ideas and tips and trends guide, and sometime interviews with fashion designers and denim fashion icons from across the industry.

  1. Best ways to wear a denim jacket- is with everything!

    Best ways to wear a denim jacket- is with everything!

    Yes, you heard it right. Be it with plain casuals or authentic traditional, fashion trendsetters have started to mix-match the denim jacket style with almost everything, nailing every fusion created out of it. Stylists say, most of the time, a fusion works well when there’s a balanced amount of colors which went along. Similarly, denims can balance out the over...
  2. Causes of price variation in jeans

    Causes of price variation in jeans

    We might be inquisitive often what are the key factors that determine the price of any apparel. To be more specific, we will discuss jeans. I am sure after reading this article you will get an overview which will help you while you differentiate or buy jeans or any other outfit. Let us check out below some significant reasons which...
  3. Types of pocket in jeans

    Types of pocket in jeans

    Jeans pockets are added on decor or accessories and of course they are used as utility by almost everyone. Ever thought? How many types of designs or types of pocket are usually there? Flap Pocket: They Can be very fawning on a woman with a small rear Multi-pocket: They are used in carpenter/cargo styles. As name states, multi pocket can...
  4. Pink colour inclining in denim jeans!

    Pink colour inclining in denim jeans!

    Jeans industry has already ruled for more than a century and is never outdated, in fact now people want denim to be colourful!. As we know, the fashion industry is highly unpredictable and volatile, pink jeans and colour jeans stepped into the wardrobe in recent years quickly. People are always excited and waiting for the latest styles, outfits and vogue...
  5. All about G-Star jeans!

    All about G-Star jeans!

    There are limitless brands in the market from the day jeans were discovered. Some brands established a reputed name and recognition with mean time and some were out of the market. Entry and exit is free for anybody (with legal procedure) to manufacture and sell jeans in the market. There is one such instance today of G-star jeans. Everybody who...


    Fashion industry is highly volatile and unpredictable. Sometimes you even tried many fashion hacks in spite of being aware!. Today we have a very prominent instance of stained jeans. You read right ! We will read more about stained jeans. The outfit durability is enhanced with proper care and wash. How often do you wash your jeans? Maybe once a...
  7. How to check the quality of jeans?

    How to check the quality of jeans?

    The most prominent concern for any individual before purchasing any outfit is quality and secondly comfort. The consumer will not hesitate to pay low or high for that attire. Everybody is really not aware about quality checks and most people don’t take much in consideration. For the people, who are not acquainted so much about fabrics, usually suppose quality by...
  8. Can you wear the same jeans for 1 year?

    Can you wear the same jeans for 1 year?

    Jeans are not regularly washed by most of the people. Jeans look more alluring, attractive with consistent wear. The aged look is really marvelous. The best way to care for your jeans was already discussed in a previous blog. But, have you ever wondered how long we can avoid our jeans? I will share with you one of the weird...
  9. Modelling pose in denim jeans with Nick Bateman!

    Modelling pose in denim jeans with Nick Bateman!

    Nick Bateman is a canadian Model & Actor and a businessman. He has really maintained his aesthetic look consistently and really poses impeccably in front of the camera. You can check out his marvelous pictures in denim jeans and learn from him! 1. I believe this snap is most alluring in denim wear! The pet knows even more to pose...
  10. What is the difference between denim and jeans?

    What is the difference between denim and jeans?

    Numerous people use the words denim jeans together while shopping or conversation. Globally, most of the time, the word denim is used replacebly with jeans in such a manner that people refer to jeans as denim! Although the words mean different things and give significance to respective stuff. In this blog we will rectify these terms and inform our valuable...

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