5 Custom Jeans companies to Look for in 2021

Getting your self perfect fit jeans is extremely difficult and it is not something you can find easily and in the Covid 19 Pandemic it have became almost impossible as due to lock down and restrictions you can’t go to actual store and try them and find one.

We are here to help you out with 5 Best of the Online Custom Jeans Companies which provide premium and quality custom jeans service in competitive rates

Tom Campbell, Independent Reviewer from UK have reviewed several Online Custom Jeans Companies with their service with different combination of fits and fabric and made this list for our users to choose from


5 Best Online Custom Jeans Service Website (2021 Guide for Made to Order Jeans Buying)


  1. Tailored Jeans
  2. 3×1 Denim
  3. Custom Jeans
  4. Roxynell
  5. Williamsburg Garment Co.

Tailored Jeans

Tailored Jeans is the Best custom jeans company that sets out integrated solutions for your daily desire for Made to Measure & tailor made jeans. Based on customer’s measurement they furnish a Perfect Custom-fit Jeans. There are so many preferences for you in terms of Design and Fabric, Tailored Jeans is 88% women owned organisation, lead by women entrepreneurs with years of experience and help of experienced crafters and tailors, their made jeans are high in quality fabrics and with traditional sewing machine but with precise precision and strong built,

Jeans made by this company are durable, flexible and range of fabric are great, we tried about 13 Pairs of Jeans (5 for trial and rest we actually ordered for personal use) from this company with different size, fit and design combination and they were made upto the mark, and support is extremely active and supportive in answering questions and after sale support unlike other participants in online custom made jeans niche

Price range is pretty competitive from USD 65 to 140 , (if you do not choose whiskers and ripping service, it would be about USD 65 to 105)

3×1 Denim

3×1 Denim is online and physical store in new york, they have about 100 plus fabric in their collection, they are expensive but worth money if you are looking for premium American made service, cost is high quality is good and if you are in New York you have chance to visit the store in person to finalise your purchase by experiencing the actual fabric and their texture

Our Experience was pleasant and 3 different size fit combination we tried with them were Good fit, and worth the money spent though it was expensive

(Update: Presumably Due to Covid situation, the Owner have closed down the store with no further notice, and when it will come back in business is not sure, but it seems they are not going anywhere, and they will be back online soon)

Custom Jeans

If Selvedge is your Passion, Website named “Custom Jeans” is best place, they have wide range of selvedge fabric in their collection, along with other fabrics ranges, their process is through the online only store, and have great quality and service, with express service (Update: due to Covid19 Express service is not available) you can get your jeans shipped in just 6 Days
normally it takes about 20 days to make the jeans and ship it,

Selvedge Denim are crafted differently to preserve the Selvedge and hence built is different, as it is vintage, the demand for this is rising as people are getting back to retro fashion now more, and having selvedge pair of jeans in your closet is trend now a days

Our Experience with this Brand was Great, though they dont have live chat support being online only store , but they quickly respond all emails and help to customers.



Roxynell is from Kentucky and have in-store and online store , great fit, but compare to quality of fabric cost is high, though fit is perfect so you won’t be complaining, production time is bit longer then other counter parts, that we experienced, about the hardware used on jeans are plain , you can’t select pocket style, and fabric collection is limited and doesn’t have more details about each fabric, Roxynell deserve in this list because of their fit, but if you are looking for options in fabric and pocket styles and effects, this is not for you.


Williamsburg Garment Co

This company have some cool fabric, some nice selvedge fabric, only thing is they have standardised the custom jeans measures, so you put waist and inseam and leg opening, and they make the jeans, you don’t get to choose pocket styles or any effects, and if you have odd size proportion (Like Big Thighs-Normal waist, big waist – thin knee) other then standard size, this is not for you, compare to cost this gives an average value to money, yet people with normal size proportions can order here, they have some cool color fabric and good quality fabrics, we like 4 out of 5 Jeans and they were satisfactory, we recommend to normal users who buy their jeans off the rack, can give a try for something new and good experience.


Competitive Summary

BrandPrice RangeFit RatingFabric RatingService RatingOverall Rating
1.Tailored Jeans$76-$1455 Star4.8 Star4.6 Star4.8 Star
2.3×1$12005 Star4.8 Star4.8 Star4.9 Star
3.Custom Jeans$90-$1704.5 Star5 Star4.6 Star4.7 Star


4 Star3 Star4.3 Star3.8 Star
5.Williamsburg Garment Co


3 Star4.7 Star4 Star3.9 Star



Above Article is copy of article first Published on www.denim-fever.net and we have taken permission to republish this on our blog


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