Reasons why you should tailor your jeans.

Sometimes people get hesitate while taking their trousers to the tailor for alterations and the other adjustments. Then how we do expect that our jeans will fit us perfectly. So this is not the reason number 1 but yeah you can count it in extra. Cause that’s the basic reason to get your jeans customized that you will get a perfect fit. From different rise to the crotch. You give your specification and they make it as per designs. So let’s see the real reason. And how to get your jeans tailored? And also the things to consider while the tailor will handcraft your jeans.

Tailoring the jeans: 

While purchasing the jeans from the shop or any brand’s outlet you are not paying once, twice but you are paying for that thrice. One when you buy it. 2nd when it doesn’t fit you. 3rd when fliers stop working. But when you customize jeans from tailored jeans at that time you can tell them almost everything.

  1. Rise.
  2. Hips.
  3. crotch.  

If jeans rest too high or low on the waist, don’t adhere to the hips or don’t fit accurately at the crotch, it’s enough to leave that pair on the rack and keep buying for a customarily better-fitting set.


Adjusting the length:

After giving the specifications about the rise to crotch. You have to tell. Them about the hemming you have to tell the length so hey can make It accordingly. In adjusting the length a few things that come which you should keep in mind is, there are 2 Things, cutting jeans shorter: which Is the original hemming method. In the original hemming method, it accurate length with chalk or pins. Be assured to bring or wear the shoes you’ll wear most often with the jeans, so you can get the proper length.


Tacking up jeans tacking up jeans is the 2nd method for adjusting the length in this method it’s about tucking and sewing the hem inside.  


Alternating pair: 

Seldomly you’ll find a pair of jeans that fit well through the waist and hips, but the thighs are a bit too loose for your desire. Perhaps you’ve got an old pair of straight leg jeans, including skinny jeans are more your fashion now. Lucky for you, narrowing the legs of jeans to make them slimmer is a pretty straight-forward adjustment for a good tailor, as long as you’re not drastically enhancing their style.

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 The waist: 

  1. Select the waist accordingly as per your height. There are 3 waist size.

High-waist, mid-waist, and low-waist. However, it’s not desirable to take in jeans by more further than one to 1.5 inches at the waist. Doing more can turn the pocket positioning and foremost shaping of the jeans, not to mention doing it determined to alter the hips as well.

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So this is how you can get your jeans tailored at the Tailored jeans.  And don’t forget to give specifications acordingly and as per your requirement. The more you’ll be in patience while making an order the more quality you’ll get.  

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