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Denim lovers know the utmost elegance look comes out with whiskers on jeans. An instance can be seen in the image below of the whiskered jeans.

Whisker jeans offer a natural vintage alluring look. You will definitely recollect your collection or remember any ravishing outfit you saw in the past! On the other hand, the normal user might be questioning ‘What are whiskers on denim jeans’. This is because the majority of people only know the color, size, and brand of jeans. You should at minimum be educated in terms of whiskers.

Whiskers are Mustaches, Hige, Crease Lines, etc which are the words used to specify. Back in history, the whiskers were first done six to eight decades ago when some of the fashion designers wanted to get their attire more eye-catching and splendid look during ramp and exhibitions.
The whiskers are mostly done by hand with tools and various other types of equipment that give you the graceful look of the jeans over the years.
Lines from repeated stretching and pulling motion develops in the front area of jeans. There are numerous rows of thin white lines draped across the thigh section.

Crease lines extend out from the crotch and across the out-seams of the hips. The denim jeans undergo a wide variety of wet as well as dry treatments to get the whiskered and other effects.
Whiskers can be done by a number of denim dry processing techniques that mainly rely on physical and chemical abrasion thereby generating different wash-down looks. As for jeans age, Abrasion on the top surface fades and becomes brighter than the surrounding areas as indigo or dye rubs off. These whiskers on denim jeans make them naturally aged!

Fabricating whiskers is an art, it takes time. It may sound easy, but with the utmost care, the distressed jeans are given the effects. Without care, the denim fabric might loosen up or affect the quality of jeans. Artificial whiskers are done on low budget jeans whereas on premium jeans it consumes more time where output is marvelous.

Tailored Jeans is specialized in customized jeans for men and women. The whiskers’ effect on premium denim jeans is done with the utmost care by our professional team. You can definitely customize your jeans through our website and get all the latest styles and effects.

I believe we have an overview of whiskers on jeans, in our next article we will check out the types of whiskers on denim jeans.

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