Hi it’s Barry, Just wanted to share my experience about something special.  Out of 10, there are 7 who find difficulty while buying a pair of jeans. Some won't fit, and the perfect fit is already sold out. The reality is that most of the jeans sold out there regardless of their price point simply don't accommodate the wide variety of bodies that needs to wear them. The are  girls with the 5’5 height with the tiny thighs and waist so it gets tougher for them to find a perfect fit. Sometimes the one I bought, that fits perfectly but gets tighter towards the hips which makes me uncomfortable.

But by god’s grace, I’ve some denim junkies friend who suggested me to go for the customized jeans. Then, been through many sites and I came across with tailored jeans. And it was a really great experience for me. All you need just patience. And it's really good for yourself. Cause you have to give your specifications. And as per that they will make your perfect fit jeans. And its really like investing the time and saving the money.   

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People said that customizing jeans could be costly so my friend, you never tried tailored jeans. 

Normal jeans are starting at just 62$. Image result for jeans designingFor the normal pair of jeans, you could select the color whichever you want. But tailored jeans provide various detailing on your jeans. First, you have to tell your size dot worry if you dot know your size. Cause they have the measure guide.which will provide you the best measure guide in just a glance. So after that, you have to select your fit.  Choose your fit as per your desire and don't forget to consider your height. After that, you'll see the loop pattern. In the loop pattern, there are various designs are available. It does not end here after that you'll see waistband and fly patterns which are really attractive. Don't forget all these little things give a stunning look. And you can also select whiskers or distressed jeans.

So don't wait for anything just visit tailored jeans and take a look at special fabrics and some stunning design!