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In life, there are few things that remain a whodunit to us. We come across such scenarios but really never care for that little secret, with due time it will be un-mystified, Since, to be frank, that information was never crucial or significant at that moment. But when we are aware or know the exact reason we really spread that information in our circle and with elevated confidence we interact.

The standard or regular jeans pattern has four pockets but often you must have noticed the fifth pocket! Wondered, what am I talking about? The small pocket just above your front pocket. You might have come across while shopping or perhaps it may be in your wardrobe collection.

You really wished to know what this is exactly stitched for and what is the history behind it. Well, today, it doesn’t really serve a purpose, but it used to be in the late 1870s. Probably, you must have tried to ask your friends or elders but most of you must have got answers like its fashion or brands do it to look distinct. Numerous people must have even used this extra pouch for many functions like for keeping matchstick, coin, ticket or condom! In short, Multiple people have utilized it in various ways. The best advantage is that the majority of the crowd must have used this pocket while giving poses for snaps. Really gave your thumb to hook and get that perfect shot!

The fifth pocket came into existence at the end of the 19th century when jeans were invented by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. It originally used to keep pocket watches safely. It was named since then pocket watches were used by most people. Those were the days when humans did not rely mostly on science & technology. So they truly need to carry pocket watches that period and store safely.

Now with trending fashion, even these tiny pockets have various designs and their importance only plays in the overall look of jeans which is like an add on to your attire. Most of the people and sellers currently term it as coin pockets in specific. The coin pocket is of distinguished styles and patterns, irrespective if you buy such jeans you really won’t get the option to choose.

If you are willing to stitch this coin pocket with customized jeans, you have choices. You have a horizontal and vertical pattern with diagonal catching that attention. The cross and double stitch look more ravishing. Apart, you can even add buttons and zip to it for a more vogue look. Tailored jeans give you the option of customizing your marvelous jeans with options and patterns to choose your coin pocket.

So next time when you pose for the amazing and casual full-length snaps, you really don’t need to be concerned about where to place your hands, just with ease hook your thumb in coin pockets!!

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