How to get yourself a perfect denim.

There are a lot of people whom I’ve met said that “I look messy because of my weight.” but in real terms, weight doesn’t matter at all. You can still slay if you have a good dressing sense. For that you gotta heck a perfect and proper fitting, good color hues, and a well-chosen clothing item. But in today’s blog, we gonna see a few ideas on how to buy proper jeans for yourself. And if you are regarding our tips I bet you won’t regret it and your shopping nightmare will become a pleasure.

Recognize your body shape: 


Before picking up any jeans blindly you should recognize your body shape. If you’re confused about what it could so, check the picture which is shown above. Recognizing body type is a key and a foundation for choosing perfect fitting jeans. Cuz, it will help you to know which ut of the jeans and which style of the leg will go with your body type. So don’t forget that recognizing a perfect body shape s the key goal of getting perfect jeans. 

Leg style for the jeans: 


Now you know which body shape you got, let’s go for the leg style now:

Apple: Straight leg or skinny jeans. 
Curvy/Hourglass/pare: Boot cut, flair leg, wide leg, Boyfriend. 
Fuller figure: Boot cut, wide leg.
Petite: Skinny, straight leg, crop.
Long and leggy Every fit will suit you. 


Raise with Rise: 

Rise is the gap from the middle of the cross seam (to the top of the waistband right between your legs). The size is typically between 7 and 12 inches.


  • Low Rise – the jeans are well-carried by Long & Leggy and Petite. 7.5 tests low elevation Or below. Two or more inches less than navel is usually found in the waistband.


  • Mid-rise – The middle rise jeans will hold pears, hourglass, full figure, long leggies, and apples. Measures of mid-up 8. On the nine. Only below the navel is the waistband.


  • High Rise- Pear and hourglass can be higher, longer & leggy. 9.5 tracks high rise. Till twelve. On the navel or above the waistband.



When shopping for your sort the waistband is always an important consideration. Most of the women in pear shape and squash have a pretty tough time fitting their jeans around their thighs, so they get wider and end up gaping on the bottom of the butt.


Hems of the jeans: 

It is almost impossible to find jeans with the right leg length just off the rack. You can take them to a tailor or you can sew a new hem for yourself if you find Jeans that fit but are too long. You can either keep the original shaft or build a new shaft. Keep in mind that working with denim can be daunting, so you can use a pair of ways to ensure a design is satisfactory.


Size Matters: 

It could be complicated because most denim brands tend to be huge. Jeans from the US work to make the consumer feel great when it comes to a smaller size. If you are trying jeans in a shop or department store, please ask your sales manager whether the brand is size-friendly. For two sizes, try to check fit in the same type.


From where to get perfect jeans: 

If you are thinking to buy it from online I would really love to suggest you buy it from custom jeans or from our own site. Cause with the year of mastering in the making jean. Our master knows every in and out of the jeans. Suggesting you a jean fabric to customizing it as per your body type they know everything. So, what are you waiting for? Visit us now. 



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