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Denim has been known in men’s fashion for many years. But, something has become more common in denim lately, and that’s stretch denim jeans. And stretch jeans have dominated the denim market over the past four years and it’s not like these stretch denim don’t go anywhere they’re in fashion for a restricted period of time. But do you understand that when stretch jeans arrived on the market before all these? Which stretch of denim looks nice on you? And how much stretch denim do you need to bring? 

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What are stretch jeans?

Stretch jeans are a denim jeans style produced from { “Lycra” } stretch denim fabric. Stretch denim is a relatively new type of denim cotton that incorporates a small amount of Spandex, a stretchy, synthetic fiber, also known as elastane, or Lycra, which is transformed into the material.


Spandex includes about one to three percent of stretch jeans. Jeans made of stretch denim fabric may look like regular jeans, but offer more flexibility and accompany the body motions of the wearer. Stretch jeans are usually also more shape-fitting than fabric-free jeans.

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Spandex is a trademark named after DuPont, an American chemical firm that invented the fabric back in 1959. The brand name of Lycra is marked by the Invista business, formerly and now it is regulated by DuPont as well as part of Koch Industries.

So whether you buy spandex jeans or lycra, what you get is a couple of jeans in their denim fabric with some elastic stretch material.

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How stretch jeans have been created:

While spandex was invented in 1959, stretch denim fabric was only 20 years away from the market. Later, in the 1980s and later, the vast majority of jeans producers began to offer stretch jeans. So who did the very first stretch jeans couple in the 1970s come up with?

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Peter Golding, Golding sold the revolutionary fresh denim styles he produced and released the first stretch jeans in 1978. His uber-trendy clothing store in Chelsea’s trendy London King’s Road district, frequented by the most famous trendsetters of the era, including the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Twiggy, and David Bowie.


Golding wished to produce something for its clients which was a super-tight, appealing fresh jean style. In a Japanese stretch denim fabric, which he used to produce clothes in a range of colors, from dark wash indigo to black denim and even colored jeans, he discovered the answer in a variety of fits including the Rock Fit, Chelsea Cut, 2-way Cut, and Original Stretch.  


Who can wear stretch denim?


Anyone can look good in stretch jeans. When shopping for stretch jeans, as with regular jeans, look for a pair that goes your body physique and personal style, as well as considering the stretch factor. If you are confused between jean sizes, it’s a good idea to buy stretch jeans in your smaller size, as they may become looser after multiple wears and washes. Remember, stretch jeans are meant to fit you snugly. When in doubt, try sitting down. As long as you can sit without discomfort, or worrying about busting a seam, you should be fine in the size. If you’re plus size, you may want to shop for a body contouring skinny jeans. Most of the brands nowadays carry jeans for the curvy body. So the stretch jeans will go with any kind of body type. 


How to take care of denim jeans?

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Turn your clothes inside to safeguard the color whenever you wash them. Use a standard liquid detergent and set no greater than hot water temperature. Allow to air-dry raw denim or any jeans you wear loose. Tumble dry at elevated temperature for about 40 minutes to stretch denim that wants to shrink back to size. Keep in mind that this drying process will eventually decrease the fabric’s elasticity, so if you’ve had them for a while, dry them most of the manner and then offer them a fast blast for 10 to 15 minutes in a high-heat dryer.


Let it dry:

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Hang out. I hang my jeans once they’re dry, helping to imitate their natural shape when worn. We sew a tiny orange “locker loop” on the inside at Earnest Sewn, but at the back of the waistband, you can just use a belt loop. You can fold them and many individuals do but I hate folds.


So it was the history and some tips on how to take care of the stretch denim. In coming days we will upload more on taking care of different pair of jeans. Till that time stay tuned.

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