How to wear a jeans as per body formation:

Today we will talk about different body shape and which kind of jeans they can wear so see what’s your body type and see according to it. 

Thin men:

Men that are slim from top to bottom. This type of body, sometimes referred to as ectomorph, has a light structure and is distinguished by a flat chest, tiny shoulders and lean muscles. This sort of body has a quick metabolism and finds it hard to gain weight. 

  • Thin guys can wear: 

  • Straight leg jeans with a low rise that flatters your slender construction. They’re spacious without drawing attention to your undefined legs. 


  • Why & What to avoid: 

  • Wide leg and baggy jeans are going to look too loose on you. 
  • Skinny jeans make you look even thinner.
  • They tend to be too spacious creating a sloppy appearance and drawing attention to your skinny legs. 
  • High-rise jeans create your bum look flat.


Muscular men:

The athletic guy has a slender waist with strong legs and buttocks. Justify the hard work of the gym by wearing jeans that accentuate your toned body. 


  •  What to wear: 

  • Slim fit, straight leg and boot cut jeans are suited to athletes. 
  • Low-rise styles are better than high-rise ones. 
  • The pockets on the jeans should be tiny and broader  to demonstrate off your toned butts.


  • Why & what to avoid:

  • The baggy jeans that conceal the shape of your body. 
  • Regular fits with broad legs will produce an imbalance by making your legs appear bigger than your upper body.


For the guy with Wide hips:

Men with big hips need the same width of the arm from hip to hem. Typical soccer player body – dense and broad hip legs that are broader than the waist. Whereas having them sit a little greater produces a more even, more simplified look down from the belly button.

  • What to wear: 

  • Relaxed-fit jeans of one size to give you a comfortable fit so that your jeans don’t stretch across your groin.
  • Straight leg jeans with a high rise keep the same width from the hips to the hem. 
  • Loose jeans with a wide leg and seat give a comfortable choice for a casual look.


  • Why and what to avoid: 

  • Skinny or tapered jeans produce a feminine silhouette. 
  • Low-rise jeans, sitting on the hip, accentuate the wide hips.


For the men with wide waist:  

The larger person has a broad midsection as well as big thighs, buttocks and calves. High-rise jeans flatten the middle section and tuck in the buttocks and legs.

  • What to wear: 

  • Loose fitting jeans are best  straight cut with a large leg.
  • Relaxing jeans.  


  • What to avoid: 

  • Evitate thin and slim fit jeans. The slender silhouette of the leg produces an exaggerated imbalance in your appearance. 
  • Your upper body looms large over the tight-fitting trousers. 
  • Flared or boot cut jeans make your legs look broader.


This all are the different styles for the different body shaped men. So try out this one and still stay connected

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