The emerging changes in denim[jeans] world.- female fashion week goers.

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It’s like knowing fashion denim through the eyes of a fashion week for women by FFG Female Fashion Week Goers. They verified that the direction of the fashion waves are shifting. From courageous and brazen streetwear to higher and more traditional aesthetics, accompanied by icons of fashion like Ralph Lauren and Lauren Hutton.

Straight-fit jeans and an ordinary tee can look nice and trendy, and when you wear it with the shiny blazer it feels amazing. While wearing this attire add on some trendy accessories like the square toe sandals, tiny handbags, belt bags, They were the only signs that 2019 marked this classic look. 


Straight jeans and tops:

Nowadays, state tops and mom jeans are the most common combination. The mom jeans could be the one that suits directly and the one that rises fast. You can combine it with the blouse of the puffed shirts.

And with the corseted caps and backless tunics, you can also wear it. The designs were frequently merchandised with strappy sandals and colours. The signs of the’ 70s came through in high-rise jeans with an open fly button and big body jeans with front seams.


The Head-to-toe:

The 2nd trend is double denim. The double denim is spreading around the way flames of fire were spreading in the amazon. You should wear the any kind or your favourite fits. And try to wear it with a jacket and a black inner. 

Bucket hats and colourful footwear were punctuated with button-front overalls and wide-leg jumpsuits. And Man Repeller founder Leandra Medine summed up the relaxed look with a denim jacket inserted smoothly into torn knee jeans from Ralph Lauren.

So, this was the trends of this week. For more stay connected and get to know about the changes going on in the vogue world.