Top denim on denim street style looks.

The top class look in the denim industry is the denim on denim. It’s one of the most stunning looks on the list of street styles, although the style is often referred to as the “Canadian Tuxedo,” denim-on-denim combos that are here to stay. A quick look at designer runways and stylish girls on the street-style scene and you’ll realize that double denim outfits, from classic jean jackets and skinnies to mixed washes and even colorful denim styles, are at the forefront of casual-cool style.

Understandably, though, the trendy hybrid can seem difficult to pull off if you’re not sure which parts are better matched together.

So we’re here to decode the double denim trend by offering you a few fresh denim-on-denim outfit ideas to try out for Spring and Summer. Since we actually realize that tight and stiff jeans are probably the last thing you want to wear in the humid sun, we’ve also included cooler combinations of double denim styles that focus on warm-weather classics, including denim shorts, rompers, and more feminine denim items including shirts, skirts, and tops. 

Skirt and Jacket: 


cropped jean jacket and denim maxi skirt with reflective white jewelry look so new for Spring. A jacket that can give you a stunning look. And while choosing the wash select a light wash jacket and the dark wash jeans because if you choose the same wash it won look that attractive. 

Baggy baggy:


Jeans could feel stifling in the sun. Alternatively, consider a tailored top with a loose edge. If it’s sunny out there so you can go out with the baggy jeans.  Baggy jeans can make you feel more comfortable and bubbly feeling all day. 

Denim shirt:

We’ve seen the many denim jacket looks but for a while, avoid the denim jacket on top of it in favour of a chambray shirt. And for jeans take the straight leg or any baggy jeans so you wont feel the uncomfertable.    

One with converse:

Laid-back, blazing days call for denim tanks, jeans, and Converse sneakers. Got a tank to put them on with the baggy straight leg jeans and converse shoes. 

Cozy outing:

Perfect for running errands: a dark-washed denim jacket and jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers.

Wrap up:

So, these were the most stunning looks for the steet-style double denim looks.

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