Why to choose custom jeans?

| Verna Bradford |

Have you ever heard of custom jeans? Here at The Jeans Blog, we receive so many questions on a daily basis about the fit of jeans and they don’t work properly, meaning that quite a few customers are struggling with the fit and quality of blue jeans purchased from retail stores due to standard size requirements that often don’t fit

properly. You, as the consumer, can find it very frustrating to have to pay for a pair of jeans that just don’t fit; they may fit in one area, but they’re too big, too long, or too short in other areas.

Therefore, sometimes jeans are considered too pricey because they don’t fit well and you have to pay extra to fix them and/or the customer gets a poorly made pair of jeans and just removes them as they wear and tear. Since I’ve been in denim for over a decade, I know how important fit is, and trying to get it right can always be difficult as the fit models usually have a specific shape, so I end up buying tons when I find a pair of jeans that fit! We caught up with RoxyNell Custom Jeans owner Lisa Hillerich to find out more.

For 3 main reasons, if you fail, custom Jeans are worth the investment:

  • Jeans are true to the body and style of the customer. Including selecting the jeans style they like, finding the perfect denim, choosing some finishes.
  • Their design jeans, for their specific style, are one of a kind.
  • Since custom jeans are made using their body’s precise measurements, they will have a much better fit.
  • It is worth the cost of paying a little more money for better denim because they will not lose their shape and wear better, which contributes to spending less money over time.

Custom Jean designers combine a few basic elements to make jeans that look fantastic and fit. Second, to ensure good quality and feel, the denim is picked by hand. A fabric manufacturer is proud of their product and wants to offer the best in denim for better wear and tear to their customers.

Second, some main measurements make a good fit; the waist, the rise, the thighs, and the inseam. You can have a much better matching pair of jeans with these measurements. But the ultimate in perfect fit is a complete design experience that usually includes at least 10-point measurement and personal consultation. This is really an authentic jean made to the design and function of the customer.

The third and most significant are the professional producers and sewers that ensure the finished product’s highest quality. Blue Jeans need to feel comfortable, but they need to be durable and well sewn so wearers feel confident.


A customer can choose the denim that they feel best and is perfect for what they want to add to their wardrobe, then they can choose the best style and cut for their particular type of body and then have the jean appointed with items like the fabric thread and the denim color. This gives the user the impression that they have a real part in the design process of their wardrobe’s important piece and that they get exactly what they want.


The bottom line is that custom jeans save money because they are the best fit for the wearer and don’t have to be replaced repeatedly because of poor fit and construction. And ultimately the buyer gets the exact pair of jeans they want for their wardrobe. Is it something you have ever considered?


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