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Ripped jeans are denim jeans with tears, usually on knees but it can be on also on other locations on jeans. You may have noticed the prevalence of ripped jeans in fashion but do you know how and when the fashion began so let us go back to the 1980s where the trend of ripped jeans started.

In the 1970s where the trend of distressed denim had found its way and habit. Before this, ripped jeans were connected with the working class who couldn’t afford to buy a new pair of jeans. In that period sex pistols had firmly established British Punk ideology to fight against existing state affairs and firm form of government. The early punk movement separated consumer goods as a symbol of revolt and expression of rage towards society. The denim jeans then became one of the main aims for the politically fueled split. Especially with both men and women wearing torn jackets and jeans adorned with pins and slogans.

During the same time in North America, the ripped jeans started to become a vogue statement pioneered by cultural phenomena such as Iggy Pop who claims to be one of the first to start this trend. Although the ripped jeans were a subculture miracle, by the ’90s the trend became very famous and was accepted by a wide variety of cultural influences and personalities across the globe. With its wide acceptance, the ripped jeans were added to the designer and fashion list.

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