Jeans that glow in the dark!

| Verna Bradford |

There are  glowing shoes, Tshirts, and blazers. Now it’s time for jeans! Sounds weird! Right?

Don’t really feel weird, if you glow from top to bottom at night your presence will be the core of attraction!


The glowing jeans are mostly lured for teenagers and young adults.The ‘Flash for Fun’ line by Diesel is a line of glow-in-the-dark clothes that really makes you cherished!.. Next time, your presence can be felt in a dark room with friends if you party late at night. I assume you will really not scare your friends or relatives with glowing jeans! Imagine how it’s gonna be defined! Legs moving and the top is invisible. Not really a ghost! Damn




The manufacturers use glowing pigments in coloring and coating of those jeans that absorb light. This absorbed light is thrown back and produces a glow in low light.I believe glowing jeans can make a special space in your wardrobe. Next time if you really want to distinguish yourself and do a show-off, glowing jeans can be on our list!

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