| Prashant Pandey |

In this article, we will see some burning tests and impact on fabrics after the activity.

In cotton and linen fiber the approaching flame is ignited and scorched. It burns quickly with yellow flame. It continues to burn rapidly even after being removed from flame. It really smells like burning flame.The ash is light grey and feathery black!

The viscose rayon fiber burns similar like cotton but not afterglow. The ash is grey in colour.

The acetate rayon fuses away from flame and turns black. It flames up quickly and continues to burn till it melts. It smells like vinegar. The colour is like ash but brittle hard.

The acrylic fuses and shrinks away from flame. It smells like burning meat.

Polyester Burns slowly with melting and drop off. It burns with difficulty. The smell is slightly sweetish. It is a hard round brittle, black bead in colour.

Nylon tends to die out. It smells somewhat like celery.

The wool really smolders and flames flicker!. It burns with difficulty and ceases flaming. The smell is like burning hair. It can be crushed easily and the colour is dark.

Silk reacts similarly like wool. It sounds crisp and shiny.

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