How to know you got the right size of jeans?

| Prashant Pandey |

There are many queries by the people after purchasing jeans. The size and fit is the most important question. If you spend $1000 for jeans but it is not comfortable for your body, it does not make any sense So exclusively during purchase so that we are satisfied with its quality and durability. I will share some important highlights which you might be able to ask while buying your jeans and getting near perfect size. They are as follows:

1. Your waist button should snap easily (without having to lie down)
2. The pockets should also lie flat. If they don’t, they may not be the right cut for your body type.

3. The zipper, or buttoned fly, should lie flat
4. Low risers don’t necessarily have to expose your rear. If they do, you need a higher cut in the back or that pair is too small. Another brand may offer what you need.

5. You should be able to sit down or crouch in them comfortably, without your rear end peeking out.
6. Not wrinkle or fold excessively, which would indicate a problem area where they are too tight.

7. Be just a little bit longer than you need
8. Be the right length for the shoes or boots that you plan to wear them with

9. Pull your jeans up as high as they go, then crouch in them. How do they feel when you walk around? They should be snug but comfortable. This is how you should feel all day long.

If you feel you want to avoid such hustles and save your precious time you can always hire a professional custom jeans expert.and get high quality and perfect fit jeans according to your body.

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