Sanforized vs. unsanforized with customising jeans.

In our last blog, we saw that what is raw denim? And now in today’s blog, we will see that what is sanforizing. Sanforiztion is the process which is mainly applied to the natural o chemical made fabrics and cotton.

Sanforized denim has been lengthened, it has shrunken fixed for lengthened process in the mills and this one helps us to get less amount of shrinkages that happen to your denim jeans after its first wash. The sanforization leads to 1-3% shrinkages it opposed to 10% happens with unsanforized denim. Now let see about what happens in the sanforized process. 


The sizes, the jeans which been through the sanforizing process of pre-shrinking at the mill. And you don’t have to size up while buying.  People want sanforized denim for plenty of reasons, but the main reason is, they feel that it’s comfortable and it will fit.

Some think that it only affects the sizing but it’s not like that. With the sizing, it also affects the texture also. And this process of stretching and shrinking will leads to smoother looking denim.  

Image result for sanforized denim texturesThe things which we saw till now it was about the sanforizing now let’s see whats unsanforized denim. It also is known as the loom-state or shrink-to-fit denim. Unsanforized denim is simply fabric that did not go through the sanforization process and hence will narrow when washed or soaked.

The general rule with unsanforized denim is that you should give it a soak for a certain amount of time to enable it to shrink before you start using the jeans. This is why labels and stores will suggest sizing up one or two sizes with unsanforized denim. Sizing up will provide the denim to shrink to the right size when soaked for the first time.

For sizing it doesnt go with any process so you have to buy it properly to compensate for the amount of shrinkage that will happen after the first wash. Cause it doesn’t go with any shrinking process. 

For the texture the Unsanforized denim holds its rougher features, as it remains unaltered until the day it is bought

In today’s blog, we saw the difference between the sanforized and unsanforized denim and what is the process that the denim goes through and what happens with the denim after the sanforization process. For more stay tuned with us.  





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