The pockets in denim jeans add splendor. Since jeans were discovered, pockets were part of it. They are a significant factor of western clothing. Their functional nature and sensitive input in fashion makes them special. Well, today we will check out types of pockets which makes the jeans impeccable.

1.No pocket!
Can you imagine jeans with no pockets? It is no doubt you can wear these jeans, but it might seem sketchy. Well, it depends on people's choice and behaviour. Not to be astonished, no pocket jeans are a part of jeans vogue. If you consider such jeans as your choice, you can definitely customize and order with Tailored jeans.

2. Curved inset pocket- It is also known as slash or cross pocket. It is an ordinary seen pocket where we might come across daily.It starts from the waist and goes diagonally down to the sides. Jeans slash pocket is shaped in a somewhat different way from trouser slash pocket which is more slanting.

3. Patch pocket-
As the name says, you could make out, it looks like a patch on the jeans. It can be of diverse shapes like square, rectangular, round and even triangular.

4. Pork chop pockets- This is a type of oversized pockets in jeans.

5. Coin pockets- This is the fifth pocket in jeans. You must have definitely used this pocket to hide coins or maybe for resting your thumb during snaps. I wonder if you might have read our previous blog on coin pockets, it reveals its usage and uniqueness in the 20th century

6. Slit pockets- This is one of the most regular pockets in jeans or any lower wear. If you look from a distance, you can only view the slit. A pocket bag is attached to a slit pocket for multi uses and carrying necessity items.