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Why Choose Custom made Jeans over normal jeans?

We at tailored jeans, being the best custom jeans company, recommends that one should always get their jeans custom made, as you may find off the shelve jeans for your self, but you will not get 100% perfect fitting jeans,


I have tried almost every brand, before coming to this conclusion, and what we found is no jeans can satisfy you 100%, you will need to compromise on atleast 3 of the parameters from below.



Custom Jeans
Custom made boot cut jeans for women
  1. Right Rise
  2. Right waist
  3. Right Length
  4. Right Thighs
  5. Right Color
  6. Fit that you like
  7. A pocket style that you like
  8. Leg opening that you prefer
  9. Choice of Fly (Button Fly, Zipper fly or Exposed Button Fly)
  10. Thread Color Choice
  11. Right Fabric and stretch parameter
  12. Right weight of Denim









If you get one right another wrong, and you will find that you didn’t get all twelve parameters correct and the way you want
and you will find yourself either compromising on those or having them fixed at the local tailor shop.

Custom made jeans from tailored jeans
Show off with your own custom made jeans in style

This is why we recommend that you should start your denim journey in 2022 with Custom Tailored Jeans,

having your jeans tailored to enable you to

Choose Right Fabric (3×1, Selvedge, Lycra, Stretch jeans)

Choose Right Rise (High Rise, Mid Rise, Low Rise)

Choose Right Color (Dark Stoned wash, Mid wash, bleach wash)

Choose the Fit you like (Comfort Fit, Straight Fit, Slim fit, Skinny Fit, Boot Cut, Slim Straight Fit, Flare Jeans)

Choose the Pocket style you like (Various pocket styles to choose from)

Choose the right fly for your jeans (Button Fly, Zipper Fly, Exposed Button Fly)

Choose Right Thread Color (Variety of Theads to Choose from)

Choose Right Weight of your Denim ( Mid weight, heavy weight, Light weight)

And you define your own measurements
(Waist, Length, Hips, Thigh, Knee, Rise, Leg opening)

This makes you enable the path to find perfectly fitting jeans of your choice, jeans that you will get will be 100% of what you really like to have, rather than choosing from a given set of choices in-store, and quality is good, price is low and yet it is perfectly made , made to measure and made to order jeans.

Do you know that jeans that “size you” and saving your self from finding “your size” is an amazing feeling.

Happy New Year and Have a great Denim Journey in 2022.

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