How to style up dark wash jeans:

In general, jeans are casual, comfortable, flexible and stylish-assuming they fit well, of course! But well-fitted, dark wash jeans could be the most versatile sort of jeans a person can own.

They’re simple to dress up, and they can even dress up a little. They’re never going to replace your wool pants or suits, but you can definitely wear them with a shirt.

To make sure you get the most out of your jeans, we’re going to demonstrate you few methods to wear them, beginning with the most casual and working our way up to the dressier look.


  • The one with sneakers and t-shirt:

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Jeans, t-shirts and sneakers are going together like Crosby, Stills and Nash. They’re just cool, and quickly they’re not going out of fashion. Here’s the best part: you can wear almost any color t-shirt you like with dark jeans.

Do you want to maintain stuff straightforward and understated? Go with the white, the black or gray. Do you want to stand out a bit?

Try some light blue or purple. Same comes with your sneakers. If you’re the type of Converse Highs man, that works just fine. If you prefer a minimal leather sneaker, that operates as well!


  • Henley and boots:

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Here’s another easy, classic combo that almost any man can pull away with confidence. The Henley shirt is very comparable to the t-shirt, but it has a brief row of buttons underneath the neckline. Most Henleys have lengthy sleeves, although a short sleeve version is accessible.

Like boots, Henley shirts are rooted in their function. Their utilitarian origins offer them a rugged atmosphere that blends perfectly with boots. This combination can be worn as it is, but it’s ideal for layering. Throw a light jacket, a leather jacket, or a field jacket, and you’re prepared to rock.


  • One with polo:

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Another excellent thing about dark wash jeans is that they can be worn all year round. Sure, they’re fantastic with shoes and Henleys in the fall, but they’re also looking at home with a polo shirt in the spring and summer.

The polo shirt is a handsome older brother’s t-shirt. You know, he’s a little more mature and he’s got a steady job, but he still knows how to have fun on the weekends.

You have decisions here for shoes. Since polo shirts are traditionally worn more in hotter seasons, we suggest sneakers, loafers or skateboarders. If you need some additional warmth or rain protection, wear a light jacket like a raincoat or Harrington. 


  • Flannel and boots: 

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Here’s another rugged combination that’s simple to pull out. Like Henley’s shirts, job shirts are rooted in utility. We don’t say you need to spend your weekends working in the woods, but if you wear this combo, individuals will likely assume that you know your way around the workshop.

Flannel job shirts would have been our top option for cooler months. Go for a more casual boot like a classic job boot, a leather desert boot or a Chelsea suede. Feel free to cover your job jacket with a t-shirt or Henley. You can also lay a jacket over your job shirt for additional warmth and style points.


  • Button up [untucked]: 

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If the Weekend Warrior had a uniform, it would have been jeans and a “button down” jacket. Actually, these buttons are called shirts, although some of them have necklaces down buttons. Either way, they look good when they’re worn with jeans. 

We see a lot of boys wearing untuck dress shirts. The issue is, dress shirts were not intended to be worn this way. It’s too long, and the shape of the hem doesn’t function (it’s too curved).Casual button ups like our Oxford Weekend are shorter and have a straighter hem. They struck right around mid-fly, which is the ideal untouched length.

With jeans and a button on your shirt, you can wear sneakers, loafers, moccas or shoes. You also have your option of outerwear-from a leather jacket to a topcoat.


  • One with sweatshirt:

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Try wearing your dark wash jeans with a cotton or wool crew neck sweater for a comfortable, relaxed look and feel that’s ideal for cooler weather.

On one side of the spectrum, you’ve got your classic loopback cotton crew neck, a comfortable back with athletic origins and a casual feel. You have good merino wool crew neck sweaters on the more formal side of the spectrum. They operate best with a light cotton tee or undershirt. 

so this is how you can wear dark wash jeans with different outfits. try them out and checkout our new collection right now.

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