| Prashant Pandey |

Fashion industry is highly volatile and unpredictable. Sometimes you even tried many fashion hacks in spite of being aware!. Today we have a very prominent instance of stained jeans. You read right ! We will read more about stained jeans.

The outfit durability is enhanced with proper care and wash. How often do you wash your jeans? Maybe once a week or maybe after you wear it twice? or maybe immediately after it turns dirty?
Nowadays, a dirty look is the most popular theme in the fashion industry. You read right. You might be wondering, something that should be washed is delayed because that stained theme is fashion!

Now, manufacturers are even dyeing and purposely giving that stained look on the thigh area mostly. A very artistic touch that is meant to look stains beautiful on an indigo background. It is also famous for light coloured jeans.

Machines might not give that desired results, so the process is done with local tools & equipment with utmost care. The commonly used technique is Brushing the required area on jeans. Pigment solutions are used to give that desired and muddy look. Green pigment and malty colours are used to get grass stains, painters jeans respectively. Dip & Drop technique is another useful way. Strains are also done with spray guns at low pressure. It gives a natural muddy look.

In my opinion, staining gives a unique and aesthetic look but with class jeans it can’t be compared. They both go in different directions of fashion. The manufacturer should have an intellect on using stains on jeans and consumers should know the impeccable period to wear stained jeans.

Stained jeans enjoy upperhand in today’s trend. The naturally dirty & stained jeans you made after wearing on several occasions and really hesitating to go ahead with stained look or worried about hygiene and health; you can definitely check out my previous blog on it

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