Causes of price variation in jeans

| Patrick Peterson |

We might be inquisitive often what are the key factors that determine the price of any apparel. To be more specific, we will discuss jeans. I am sure after reading this article you will get an overview which will help you while you differentiate or buy jeans or any other outfit. Let us check out below some significant reasons which creates price difference:

Fabric- The most prominent factor which makes considerable difference in price. As we know quality is most chosen over quantity. There are limitless jeans companies all over the globe which start and have ended up till date. There are numerous established brands which manufacture jeans in their way. The jeans making is a tedious and long process with labors, machinery, process, patterns & styles involved. For instance the knitting and sewing process.

Cutting and adding accessories- As the interior of the house is incomplete with accessories, decor items;the same is with jeans. The coin pocket, wash, loops, labels, rivets, loops, zippers are the decor of jeans. All these items come in several qualities. The options that brands use differ from each other.

Washing- Jeans are washed to give vintage, effects and rough looks. This is one of the most expensive parts of denim jeans making. This is done to give alluring appearance and quality and adds more cost to the final product.

Transportation- You might have heard imported jeans. These jeans are imported from other countries to locals. Such jeans will be times expensive as compared to home country since the transport cost, tax levied is inculcated in the cost of jeans.

Marketing & Advertising- This is the final factor which decides the price of jeans. In today’s cut throat competitive world, marketing cannot be overlooked to survive and aware your target audience about latest arrivals and specifications.The cost varies on the type of marketing done. You can classify on the basis of offline & online marketing.

Buying behaviour- The purchasing power of people is different in various geographical areas. In developed countries or metropolitan cities the purchasing power and spending attitude is high as compared to developing countries and rural areas. The brand may charge high in such scenarios to get more profit margins.

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