Denim and office.

If we talk about 100% so from that 75% citizen of Chicago wears denim for every special occasion. Because of this, denim jeans have become a special segment of their wardrobe. But when it comes to the corporate sector so still there are few companies that does not allow wearing casuals during office hours. But some lucky individuals have the benefit of wearing the casuals during their working hours. So in today’s blog, we will see how to not dress like every other guy in the meeting room.

Before we start I want you to know some donts for the office casual attire. Cause it may spoil your impression in your college’s mind.and sometimes jeans will be the deal breaker for you. But nowadays they are potentially acceptable

Jeans and ties:

Jeans and tie never match up with each other it may look like the pineapple on pizza. Nobody likes it. But still, some men are hey ty this mismatch attire.

No light shads:

When you are going in the office evidently it’s morning time and the darker shades will be eye catchy so choose grey or black or dark blue denim.

No ripped or baggy:

When you are going to the office so that time you have to be kind of professional so say no to ripped or too baggy jeans

The cue is in how to be expressive and knowing which jeans to wear, and how to use them as part of your stupendous wardrobe.


Work jeans ”Initially meant just that denim pants for physical labor.” They were plain, pants that could take a beating, cleans easily. And could be stingy to re-dyed in a sink to refresh and make it spawn new.

Those aren’t the jeans most men should be wearing to work.

For office casual clothing, jeans should be darker, watertight, and simpler than their working-class progenitors. Acceptable jeans for most kinds of atelier need to follow slightly dressier class categories.

Hey, dark color:

Deep indigo is most common, but black and gray denim work as well no light or bright blues!


Narrower to the legs: No large boot-cut or flare at the ankles.

 Jeans with the sports jacket:

A sport coat is always going to be your best and kinda twin with blue jeans. It’s a clear sign that “

  • Light, formless jackets work well with jeans
  • A sweater/vest. A layered look goes great with jeans, so don’t hesitate to pull a v-neck sweater or casual vest over your dress shirt, and under your jacket.
  • Your options for color and pattern are pretty broad.

Jeans and shirts:

When you just wear normal shirts o it may make you look unattractive. The problem is that it doesn’t have much of a conscious outlook. You look like a guy who just grabbed a couple things out of his closet, threw them on, and went to work. Not the most stunning presentation in the world.

There are a couple of ways you can dress the look up a touch so that you’re coming across as more deliberately-groomed:

  • Good dress shirts. Get some with a little color and pattern, not just plain white, and make sure the fit is close (and that they stay tucked in you don’t want your shirttails popping out or ballooning into a muffin top).
  • One stylish belt. The interesting color of a letter or a decorative buckle goes a long way toward creating a “look.”
  • Stunning shoes. You should be wearing good leather, preferably something with some visual interest to it. Sanddle shoes, wingtips, etc. will serve you better here than plain brown or black work shoes, or worse, sneakers.

so from next time when you are trying to get an amazing look for your office choose wisely.

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