Denim styles that you can easily copy from our celebs.

| Verna Bradford |

What’s more trendy than but still simple to duplicate famous outfits? Of note, the celebrity jean looks are not only fashionable but also easy to duplicate! As a denim devotee, I am always looking for ways to make my everyday life a little more fun and less boring.

Join all the trendy looks and favorite stars that you have been sporting lately. You will certainly look at your denim drawer in a totally new way from the smartest fashion hack of Katie Holmes, which will make you more useful from your favorite tops to the simple combo of EmRata which will surely be my new office uniform for chic Rihanna neutral designs. Just continue scrolling and, of course, shop them all along the way.

. Katie homes: 

In the wintertime, you can use the trick of style from Katie Homes to lay down a turtleneck below.


Combine the blue jeans with a stacked style scenario and contrasting mulls to create an incredibly cool feel.


plan to wear it every day for the coming months with a belted blister, jeans and knee shoots.


When you wonder, carry every blue item you own and have a J.Lo-approved set with your favorite blue denim. Nonetheless, any color paired with denim suits when blue appears to be a cap. Think, beige, beige, purple, blue, green, beige etc. 


Whether or not crop tops are ideal for you, you can still replicate this cool look by simply mixing a tee (of any length) with blazer, black jeans and high black boots.

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