Flaunt your features in your perfect looking denim

Certain things never get old, never do they die. One such thing are your denim outfits in your closet. Wondering which denim to wear with what tops has always been an unconquered battle. But here we are, with the tips and tricks to get you the perfect look for all your days in your most desired denims.

The most basic outfit in your closet, though untouched would be a loose white or black top or a white shirt. Wondering if you may use it in future someday when you put on or get the right pair of jeans, has still kept your top waiting for that day. The good news is, the day has finally arrived!

Pick a pair of blue boot-cut denims and pair them up with a perfectly looking white top that had been resting in your closet. If it’s a loose top fold up the sleeves and tuck it in neatly. If it’s a shirt, you can either wear a sleeveless tee inside with a shirt on or a denim jacket to pair it up with or put on the white shirt and tie a knot in front. Accessorise it with big round earrings and a sling, you’re now great to go!

Women's Bootcut Jeans
Women’s Bootcut Jeans

If you want to add a little more to your white top and blue denim, you can pick a long shrug of any colour, say black, brown or shades of pink. A long floral or plain shrug that perfectly matches your size is sure to do wonders to your simple clothing.


The 3rd style that you can pick with a boot-cut jeans is, simply put on a sleeveless T-top, tuck it in, tie your hair or let them loose with perfect pair of shoes and little accessories.



You can also do this with a skin-fit or straight-fit denim that perfectly hugs your body, the one you’ve loved since the time you shopped it from tailored-jeans.


Another style you could pick is, get an off-shoulder or cold-shoulder top which perfectly compliments your features and wear it with your skinny jeans. Put on your favourite long earrings, tie your hair with a loose band and you’re set to steal the hearts.


You may wear a dark coloured plain t-shirt or a blouse tucked into your blue straight-fit jeans with either long or round earrings and boots to don the perfect tomboy look while you are off to your college. With straight-fit jeans you may opt for a crop top and flaunt your features with minimum accessories on you.



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