How to keep your simple clothes in style.

Hey! I hope that I’ve grabbed your attention through the title. Are you like me?? Like finding out inside your closet or finding out from the pile of washed clothes that just came from the laundry. We are used to wearing the same clothes. There’s nothing special about it.  But if you start using your fashion sense in a proper manner then obviously you will slay in any outfit. So let’s see how to make an impact with some basic outfits. 

Plain T-shirt & Jeans:

As we all do have that simple plain tee in our wardrobe. We think that it’s just a simple t-shirt, but that shirt makes a good outfit for the day. Wear it with dark jeans and don’t forget the pinch of accessories. And don’t forget to pair it up with good sneakers. If you want you can pair it up with the flannel or any kind of hoodie too. 

Hoodie combo: 

The most worn but still unique item in clothing is a hoodie. If you don’t have any then you should buy one.  Cuz, it’s more cozy and stylish too. If you got some dark blue or black hoodies then I would suggest you go with a light pair of denim and a grey one. And you should put a layer of flannel or denim jacket on it. Which will give you an eye-catching look.

Denim shorts with layers: 

Wanna feel comfier so you should try some denim shorts. With the mesmerizing hoodies or a denim jacket. By pairing’em up with flip flops or sneakers or athleisure. 

Printed shirts with denim: 

A shirt will give you a classy look if you got that dressing sense to pair it up with some good denim. Just pairing it up with jeans isn’t enough. You have to think about some accessories that will give you an extraordinary look. So get your printed shirts out of your wardrobe and pair them up with the latest style of denim. 

Wrap up:

So, this one was about how to pair your regular clothes to slay out. Try out this look and please let us know in the comment box that how are you feeling about it. 

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