How to wash and take care of jeans ?

There are a lot of talks going on in everyone’s surrounding about something even if we want to talk about. It’s about how often you wash your jeans?  Some say once a month, some say once every 2 months and Charles V. Bergh CEO of levis say “I didn’t wash it in past 10 years!” I probably wish that he got amazing whiskers on it which I would love to see! But really there are somethings about the washing jeans that you should know. The more you wash jeans the more you’ll lose natural shades and whiskers.

Image result for how to take care of jeans bannerAccording to Tailored jeans, every four or five wears jeans should be washed, because anything else is going to fade away. They should also be cleaned in cold water instead of having a standard wash. There has been no proof to suggest that washing jeans are bad for your health. This is the case with the average jean-wearer, and maybe not someone who walks through the sewers for a living.  A student at the University of Alberta in Canada wore his jeans for 15 months straight without washing, and then checked the concentrations of the bacteria. They found that the unwashed pair had carried the same amount of bacteria after they had been washed and worn again for 13 days.

When you’re going to wash your jeans, make sure you zip the zipper and fasten the buttons, This implies that she oversees the testing of cotton fibres for strength, appearance and durability. “Also, transform them inside out. This helps protect the machine, the jeans and metal ornaments such as rivets, buttons and zippers, the colour and the finish of the material.

If you’re talking about unsanforized denim, which shrinks on average 7–10 per cent on first wash, instead of sanforized denim (highly dominant, and any denim that looks distressed or worn at all is this) which shrinks 1–2 per cent.

To do this, get a lot of water, enough to submerge the denim. Make sure the water is cold. This is the most significant characteristic of all. It’s going to decrease hot, but if the tap is warmer or hotter, that’s going to assist out. Denim will still shrink as cotton fibers bind more tightly when subjected to water, but should be less than 4 per cent. Turn the clothes inside-out to safeguard against color loss.

Finally, just make sure you hang dry. Don’t use the dryer. That, above all else, is going to shrivel

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