Jeans that men should have in their wardrobe for coming winter:

| Verna Bradford |

Denim jeans are considered to be one of the most important items in a man’s wardrobe. Over the years, people from all walks of life, from cowboys, warriors, punks and rockers, and hippies, hackers, young kids and preps. It’s a universal piece of clothing, tailored to every season, every ensemble and every event. 

Like any other pair of denim, you have to find a balance of fashion, convenience and practicality. Perhaps the most important thing is that it suits well. For every person, budget, and body shape, fits are possible. It’s often a case of trying before you find the match, which involves a lot of boxes, a lot of attempt and a lot of returns. And, to help you avoid any errors, we’re here to help you find the perfect pair by testing the best men’s jeans. Whether you’re more of a slim fit guy, or you want a straight cut or a dad’s jean design, we’re going to guide you on the jean do’s and donts 


Types and styles of jeans:

Superskinny jeans::

Such jeans has made a statement on men’s clothing in the country. Such jeans are incredibly tight all over the side, often leaving little in the imagination. Usually made of very little denim content (more so elastane and other blends) they tend to wear a lot easier than most other jeans.

Super-skinny men’s jeans only really fit those who are tall and slender by design. If you’re shorter, then it’s best to avoid these jeans because they stick to every inch of your lower body, so just wear them if you’ve got extremely thin legs or upper body frames.

How to style it up:

You’re going to want to play with proportion a little when you’re sporting super-skinny jeans, as you can quickly knock it off if it’s done wrong. Take a crisp white tee or bulky t-shirt and combine it with a pair of black men’s jeans. It gives the illusion of size as the tightness of your denim produces an extremely slim body, and if you’re combined with an extremely tight shirt, you can easily look like an overgrown child.

Skinny jeans for man:

You may assume that super-skinny and slim are in the same ball park, and you’re not right, but the distinction for standard skinny jeans is that they’re a little looser in the leg than their super-skinny equivalent.

Like super-skinny jeans, standard skinny jeans ride loosely over the whole leg rather than stick to it. Much more accommodating, they also need someone quite slim to carry them, so again, if you have a slightly larger body, I’d avoid a pair of skinny jeans.

How to style it up:

You don’t have to mess with proportion so much as you would for super-skinny jeans, because they’re not as compact or unforgiving, just make sure you’re not going too hard with what you’re carrying. A plain top or denim jacket will work perfectly with a pair of men’s skinny jeans, because they’re not incredibly thick and overpowering in comparison to you.

Slim fit jeans: 

Probably the most popular type of denim worn by men in the world, the slim jeans give a stylish yet sleek silhouette for men to wear. They’re not as snug in the arm as skinny jeans, however, as the name suggests, give the leg a sleek look. 

How to style it up:

Slim denim can be paired with a variety of looks and types, so the planet is really your oyster when it comes to men’s slim jeans. Personally, I’m in favor of more classic styles, so go for a pair of raw or selvedge denim jeans and pair it with a simple shirt or t-shirt and a pair of trainers for an easy and classic look.

Straight leg jeans:

If you’re hunting for a pair of jeans that aren’t tapered or framed in any way, straight leg jeans will be a pair for you. The same length all the way through the body, straight leg jeans give a more classic look to your denim with a reference to the 50’s.

Straight leg jeans fits almost everyone, but be cautious not to go for too much broad cut as they can make you look wider than you really are. Go for lighter men’s distressed pants, as they will be more fleeting than other colors.

How to style it up:

It’s always best to stick to the elegance of cutting straight leg denim for guys. Try to wear a pair of raw and selvedge denim straight leg jeans as they are seasonal and will take you through a variety of looks and designs. Team the denim with a simple white T-shirt and a casual boot, like a loafer or a brogue, to finish the look off.

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