Jeans which will slay till eternal

 It’s a new season, and that means tons of new things are headed in our direction. One of the simple closets that somehow always changes year after year is denim. It’s a new season, and that means tons of new trends are coming our way. One of the basic closets that somehow always evolves year after year is denim. 

Whether you’re trying to renovate your wardrobe or just want some new jeans, we’ve got a lot of great choices for you to consider. 

Straight leg:

Straight cut and straight leg jeans are identical to skinny jeans, except for more breathing space. The length of the waist is straight from the hip to the knee, making it a comfortable fit that can be paired with boots, skirts and sneakers.

Bootcut jeans: 

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Bootcut is back now! This iconic ‘ 90s style is perfect for wearing heel boots and booties.


This style is basically a skinny jean with some extra fabric at the bottom to give it that slouchy look. This style is best to wear with a heel.

Low rise:

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Although many of us may not be too happy about the return of low-rise jeans, the style is now being made with stretcher fabric that can make them more relaxed and attractive


Wrap up:

These are jeans which will never go off trend.


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