Toss out your skinny jeans this summer and save your knees today, in style spy we will see that how to save your knees from hurting from skinny jeans just cast out your skinny denim and learn how to stay in style in this sweaty summer. We found that a lot of people having a problem while wearing skinny jeans in summer but still they wear it to stay in style but, we found some good stuff which can kick out your baggy problems. 

Embroidered Denim: 

We got some good news for the women those embroidered jeans are now back in town which can make you the enter of attraction. A few months back this embroidered denim was the most lovable and favorite trend for the women. If we talk about 10 women then our style spy could have caught 8 women with the embroidered denim.   

Embroidered denim is the most adorable one cause these have some unique designs o it which easily captures the eyes of others.

Low-Slung Straight: we still love and wear high-rise denim, but there are some facts which really interesting about denim just above your hip bone which means the low rise jeans with the straight leg. Here we’re not talking about the ultra low waist and that you don’t have to buy special underwear for it; this is more low-slung than low-rise, and yes, there’s a big difference, in our opinion. Low-slung denim feels more modern and is very flattering as it kind of just sits on your hips and has a bit of ease to the fit. It feels effortless and more relaxed, like the type of jeans you could wear all day no matter what you’re doing. You will get a super comfy feeling.

Well while wearing this one you don’t have to worry about anything like baggy knees or anything cause it’s far better than your skinny jeans.

Hem Detailing: Want to get noticed from top to toe so start wearing your denim with some hem detailing the hem detail gives your denim a new look there are various designs in that denim comes with the kind of details.










Hem detailing is the most effective tool to make your jeans look more attractiveOur Tie Ankle jean is just that—it takes your classic black skinny jeans and adds a flirty, unexpected twist. The inseam is cropped above the ankle so that it works with both long and short inseams, so no hemming is needed.

Longer High-Rise, Straight-Leg Denim: One of our favorite new fits for summer is a long, straight-leg vintage-inspired fit, like our Layla in rigid denim. While we still love the cropped-at-the-ankle look, we are excited to have a longer, un-cropped straight-leg option for spring and are really into our take on this in a beat-up vintage-looking wash.

Straight jeans are more comfy in wearing and look good in every occasion.

Pin tucks: Pintucks down the center leg is such a nice detail in denim as it really slims and elongates the leg. We finish it with a little ankle slit and kept the wash clean and dark. The result is a pair of jeans that feel special but one that you can wear every day.

Pintucks are a neat embellishment you can add to jeans and other fabric items as well. Basically, a small fold (that’s the pintuck) is sewed in a straight line on fabric to add contour and decorative stitching.


So here we saw how you can look good in denim without wearing skinny jeans.So, that’s it for today in style spy for more stay connected with us.

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