Turtleneck looks for last days of fall!

| Verna Bradford |

Staying warm doesn’t have to be a little boring! You can also add practical jewelry to your style update. Inexplicably, turtlenecks have once again become a vital part of your closet.

Spurred by stars like Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, and Gisele Bundchen, we’re now pretty positive that we can’t go another day without a variety of turtlenecks to dress over, beneath, and all the way. In the winter, the scarves are your best friend. It’s a great way to add a splash of color to your look while leaving your neck and shoulders clean. You can still wear lighter clothes like this without feeling uncomfortable.

If you’re wondering how to pull it off, we’ve got you right now. We’ve rounded up few different inspiring ways to wear a turtleneck sweater or t-shirt with just about anything.

Under a shirt:

We recommend this Alexa Chung-inspired layering trick to kick things off. Try wearing a lightweight turtleneck (like a t-shirt) under a button-down shirt and your jacket on extra-cold days. Tuck all parts into high-height pants, put on some trendy ankle boots and voila a full look. If you’re curious how to carry it off, we’ve got you. We’ve rounded up few unique inspirational ways to wear a turtleneck sweater and t-shirt with just about anything.

Tuck it into jeans:

Denim and the turtleneck is the simplest and most noticeable combination (the same goes with t-shirts, of course). But in order to make this look pop, try looking for a serious statement coat. Is textured with shaggy fur or bold writing. Immediately, the everyday outfit feels completely different!

Sleeveless turtleneck:

Denim and turtleneck are the easiest and most recognizable mix (the same goes with t-shirts, of course). Yet try looking for a sever e statement coat to make this look show. Textured in shaggy fur and bold prose. Immediately, the daily wardrobe feels completely new!

Underkneath the statement:

Are you ready to move beyond the “Turtleneck Styling 101?” “Add an extra dimension to a focus item (like a graphic jumper or a bright top) by adding a turtleneck underneath.


There’s something simple and eternal. It’s quick to get lazy this time of year, and let your fashion fall. We believe the easiest way to hit refresh is to match a turtleneck with a traditional wool overcoat. At the same moment, you’ll look like a classic movie star and a street-style muse. Complementary shades work best for this look think olive green, red, dark gray, blue, white and cream combined.

Wrap up:

try this turtleneck look for the last few days of fall and let us know how did it go!

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