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In today’s world, we can get everything customised from little and simple looking phone cover to the car. Now you’ll ask me can I customize my jeans? Yes! why not. Obviously, you can make your own jeans from the sizes to the patterns and designs that you want to make your denim look special.


Wondering how can jeans be tailored?  Just visit the ,where you can make your own jeans. Tailored jeans have the best denim tailors who will help you to get your jeans customised! From the fabric selection to the whiskers which gives your denim a unique look. We do serve the best handcrafted customized jeans across the world. Tailored jeans take care of the selection of the cotton for denim fabric which gives our customers a satisfactory product cause, selecting the cotton for the denim fabric is a very skillful business.

So,  let see how to make your own jeans?

When you will visit our website, below the title you would see the choice bar over there you can start customizing your denim through different options firstly select your gender and we will guide you accordingly.


After the selection now you need to select the fabric we do have a variety of colored fabric. While choosing the color please visualize your self with that color cause the color selection can make look different in the crowd. We do have a variety of colors from indigo blue to ink blue and don’t worry about the cost it’s really reasonable and affordable.


After the selection of fabric now you have to select your size and the waist. Which waist design you want a low waist, mid waist or a high waist as per your want we will design your jeans. Just check n which waist design you look good and select accordingly.

After selecting the size and the waist now go forward for the fit which Fit design you want as per your comfort.


In men’s, there are several designs which are SLIM FIT, SKINNY FIT, STRAIGHT FIT, BOOT CUT, RELAXED FIT, SLIM STRAIGHT FIT. In women, we do have FLAIR, COMFORT FIT, WIDE LEGS, SLIM and others are the same as men.


Now the selecting your favorite fit is done we also take care of the loops


While selecting loops you do have some different choices means you can select a loop that is a double loop, single broad loop, three loops or a normal loop as per your specification we will provide you that back loop for your jeans.

After the loop, we will go for the pockets means the front and the back pocket. In pocket for the back pocket, we stitch basic, detailed, extremely detailed back pockets.


For the front pocket, we stitch the curved front pocket, front pocket with zipper, detailed coin pocket and many more.


All these varieties you can see for pocket designing for your denim. From lower to higher detailed pockets are there to make your denim unique.


The different kinds of the fly and button option our tailors are giving you a buttoned waist bank and the flyers which are having the two types.  


As above we can see that there are some varieties that can make your denim look different from others the same as this our tailors also have the varieties for your denim you have to select one from them.

We also have the variety for the bottom of the jeans from normal to the zipper bottoms we are able to provide for women.


Our denim tailor also provides the best whiskers effects on your denim which may make your denim look different and more unique we design normal whiskers ripped jeans and also ripped jean with the whiskers.


All these were about your choices and your specification now do enter your height and size so we can make your favorite denim accordingly. You have to mention your waist thighs calf knees and calf and be patient until your new denim gets ready.

This is how we are providing denim ‘A CUSTOMIZED DENIM’  by our denim tailor.

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