Celebrities who nailed the ripped jeans.

Ripped jeans the jeans which have played a huge part in our celeb’s fashion world. From Gigi Hadid to Katie Holmes, these celebrities nailed their outfits by pairing them up with ripped jeans.They wore it in the different ways that it looks so stunning on them and we bought those outfit ideas for you so that you can try’em too. The best thing about the ripeed jeans is it can get dressed up easily. They don’t need to look more destroyed just need a subtle tear. 

Katie Holmes:

At the age of 40 this lady is slaying her outfit. As per the image we can her that, the ripped jeans are the best outfit for this fall season. She wore baggy high-waisted distressed denim. With the messive rips at the knees. She paired it with a white colored, buttoned down turtleneck top. And for accessories she chose booties and a bag. 

Gigi Hadid: 

24 years old supermodel spotted is crazy about denim. The way she loved denim that we all have witnessed in her 24th birthday party with the denim theme. Back in August, she rocked NYC with her black distressed jeans. Even that jeans was high waisted. She paired”em with the mint green hoodie. Back in July, her sister bella hadid wore same designed jeans with a black sweater. 

Kendall Jenner: 

23 years old the trendiest star madly loves denim. She appered in many occassion with the ripped jeans. Kendall wore a particularly neat pair of distressed acid wash jeans that featured slits at the bottom, revealing her black leather boots.

Kaia gerber:

Kaia gerber the 18 year old hot chic was spotted wearing the baggy ripped jeans while roming around the streets of new york city. Tucked into her denim with the cream and blue tee and top of this out fit she paired a jacket. 

Wrap up:

Normal jeans are great for things where you want to look semi-presentable like your casual workplace, but when you’re going out with your friends, rocking some rips and tears isn’t always a bad thing.

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