Guide on Ripped jeans and, How to style up ripped jeans? [For men.]

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Back in 2000, A new pair of jeans introduced, Distressed or ripped jeans. The concept of ripped jeans was introduced by the Australian fashion label the Tsubi which is now known as the Ksubi. And after that lately, it was accepted by every other brand. 

The ripped jeans came in the trend by 2010. And when celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Tom hardy and other more celebrities. When these people started wearing this. It just got a place in the denim industry on another level. The ripped jeans are the best and easy-to-go option with any kind of shirt and t-shirt. And it is the inseparable part of our casual attire 

It’s almost a decade but still, if you see, the ripped jeans are still on-trend .people out there are really crazy about the ripped jeans. You can wear ripped jeans with almost anything. You just have to choose which kind of ripped or distressed jeans will suit you. And you have to choose the colour of the upper wear according to your jeans. Ripped and the distressed jeans look class on the start wear clothing styles. It is specially made for this kind of attire and casual look only.

Choose your ripped/distressed jeans:

You have to select the style and fit of ripped jeans as per your body type. Cause it gives you more attractive and the eye catchy look. And it goes as per the occasion also. 

A vintage one: 

Vintage denim is a great option and it’s really a well-treated pair of jeans during the time of the production cause, we have to be more careful while choosing the shades and the fades of the jeans. You can really pair it with anything, from the shirt. 

A lightly distressed/ripped:

This pair of denim is factory-made but here in the tailored jeans, you can get the customized pair of jeans. And the design you which you want as the distressed part on your jeans, you will get as per your want and the desire.  And it doesn’t look that distressed but it’s really casual and kind of decent jeans. 

A Eurotrash:  

This pair, I would love to thank Amiri. They just introduced this pair and the rest is history.  But being honest, it’s not that pocket-friendly and this could be the reason if Eurotrash will go out of the trend. 

Facts about ripped jeans:

  • It will look whack if its too much torn and ripped.
  • It’s not a smart casual or office appropriate. 
  • Learn how to closely place your ripped jeans on as wandering feet tear the rips even further after repair.

Footwear to wear with the ripped jeans: 


If you are going with the relaxed or a slim fit ripped jeans. At that place, the sneakers could be the best choice often. 

Chelsea boots:

Boots are my favourite. A bomb combination is a skinny or slim fit and you are pairing it up with the Chelsea shoes.  If you are going for the night out or a bar for hopping. 


Chukkas look so sexy with ripped denim. It takes your outfit on another level. 

Wrap up:

So this is how you can pair up the ripped jeans with the accessories and the other outfits. I want you to try this one. choose denim as per your body type which will help you to look good.

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